7 - Having fun

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Elenas POV

We get home quickly and we all get out of the car. Alaric goes inside before us and I turn to Damon. "It was fun, thank you." I smile and hug him. He hugs me back and I step away after a moment. "See ya tomorrow. It's Jenna's barbecue." I say to him and he nods. "Well see you then Moony. Good night." He kisses my head brotherly way and starts to leave. "Good night.... Moody." I burst into giggles. He turns around with unamused look. He holds in laughter, but fails and chuckles along side of me. I wave at him and go inside with a smile on my face.

I take my shoes off and go to kitchen. I see Alaric and Aunt Jenna kissing. I quickly cover my eyes. "Voi ei! Mun viattomat silmä parat! Miksi? Miksi teidän piti tuhota mun silmät?" ("Oh no! My poor innocent eyes! Why! Why did you have to destroy my eyes?")   I shriek in Finnish. They quickly pull apart and they look at me funny. "What?" They say in unision and I lift one finger. I see that they are not kissing so I let my hand down. "Huh?" I ask them. "What did you just talk about?" Aunt Jenna asks me confused. "Oohh! Nothing. I'll just go to bed now. Night." I start to make my way to the stairs. "Good night Elena." They say back. I go to about in the middle of the stairs but I back down into the first step. "Oh and also! Cover your stump before you hump!" I yell and run upstairs to my room giggling. I hear a faint "Elena!!" And a embarrassed laugh from Aunt Jenna and full on belly laugh from Alaric.

I do my night business and change into my PJs. I jump on my bed and wrap around my blankets. I take my Winnie The Pooh and Wolf stuffed animals and squeeze them tightly to my chest. They are almost the same as I had at home. I got them from my parents when I was just a baby. I fell asleep quickly.


Of course I wake up to a phone call. So. Caroline made "a deal" with Katherine to spy on us, but she told Damon and Stefan and now she is kind of our double agent.

I just laid in bed almost four hours without motivation. Even though in a couple hours is the barbecue and I'm excited, I have no motivation to get up. I yawn and wrap myself even tighter around my blankets. I hear a small knock on my door before it opens and Damon and Stefan steps in. "Hello Moony, time to wake up." Damon says in a sing-song voice. I just groan and wrap myself into a ball. "No. Too early. Let me lay here and think what I did wrong in life." I mumble out and close my eyes again. Stefan chuckles and I feel my bed dip. I feel the same happen on the other side too. My eyes flies open. "NO! Not the Salvatore sandwich!!!" I quickly rush out and try to get up. Both Damon and Stefan fall down on the bed and pulls me with them. They snuggle both sides of me and I'm literally stuck between them.

"Noooooooooooooo let me go you smelly muffinheads." I whine and try to pry my way out. Damon puts an arm around my waist and pulls me back into the bed. "You wanted to stay here, so we can stay now." He says smugly. "Uh-huh." Stefan nods and puts his arm around my waist too. It's like I'm in a seat belt but in bed. I pout. "If you don't move I will buy more glitter." I say seriously and in a flash both of them stands in the end of the bed with pleading looks. "Please don't." Stefan begs. "It took me a month, A MONTH, to have all of it gone. It didn't come off." Damon adds. I laugh at their reaction and I slowly get up. "I would not do it again.... Probably." I add quietly and laugh. They smile slightly and I look at them with a raised eyebrow. "Well if you want a strip show you could have just said so." I say laughing and start to pull my night shirt from the bottom. Their eyes widened and they quickly go outside. Or more like Stefan dragged Damon out but oh well.

I take my PJs off and look for clothes. I put on my underwear, a little bit longer than average black shorts and a white top with thin baby blue stripes. I tie a baby blue shirt around my waist and take my trusty leather jacket. I go downstaris where Damon, Jenna and Stefan were talking. After I told Jenna about vampires, and the Salvatores being ones, they sort of bonded in their own weird way. And after they promised to protect me they have like a alliance, Big brothers and Aunt.

"Morning Aunt Jenna." I smile at her. "Good morning. Or more like good day." She smiles and hugs me. I hug her back and then grab an apple. I start to eat it and I listen to their conservation. "Remember, no violence and definetly no vamping out. Elena got some blood, how weird that sounds like, for you guys and Caroline. Play nice. Pleace." Aunt Jenna says to the men in the room and then turns to me. "You too Miss." I salute to her and she shakes her head smiling. I was on apple number two, when the doorbell rang. Aunt Jenna went to open the door. I put my trash away and jump down from the counter that I somehow got to.

Aunt Jenna came back with Alaric, Mason and Caroline. We started to cook together and we talked about everything going on. We ate and then went to play in the living room. We played something like "guess the drawing" I have no idea. Damon was so bad at it, but at least we had good time. Mason told us that he is leaving and Tyler is making his decicion about leaving in a couple of days. If he wants to leave he can goes after Mason. I don't want to sound mean, but I hope that he leaves and doesn't come back before all the Klaus drama is over.

We played and had fun the whole night. Damon did not try to stab Mason or anything else, they actually made pretty good friends along the night. Even Stefan befriended Mason and he actually had real fun. Maybe I'm finally rubbing to him. Haha.
Originally Stefan is not even supposed to be here. He is supposed to talk/fight with Katherine. But something went clearly different this time.

We are currently playing guitar hero. I look outside and see that it's dark out. "I'm going to the bathroom." I say quietly to Caroline and Damon, since they are just next to me. I walk out of the living room and tiptoe to our backdoor. I didn't even realise we had one. I go outside and start to ninja my way to our roof. I have found a secrect way to climb up without vampire powers. I sit down on the roof and look up at the stairs. With a sigh I lay down. I start to hum "See you again By Wiz Khalifa". I know that they will see that I'm gone, but it's not the first time I go to see the stars.

I have always loved the stars and moon. It made me feel so peaceful and calm. Like I could just lay down and be safe for the rest of my life. Everything is just so beautiful. I take my sketch pad out, which I brought with me, and start to draw.

I have no idea how long I sat there and drew. I hear Stefan and Caroline yell my name. I get up and walk to the edge. "I'm here." I call to them and they look up. "Lena! Get down here!" Caroline yells. I sigh but nod. I back down a little and look at my sketch pad. I was in the middle of my second drawing. It was a light colored wolf howling in front of moon. I flip to my first drawing. I feel heat rush to my cheeks and I quickly shut it.

"Hey Stef?" I call out and walk back to the edge. "Yes Lena? Could you please come down?" He asks little worried. "Yeah. Catch me." I say and lean foward. I start to fall but Stefan quickly grabs me before I hit anything. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU LENA?!" Caroline yells both terrified and amused by her best friend. "I agree. What if I couldn't have cath you?" Stefan says and sets me down. I shrug. "I guess it would have hurt like heck, or I would be dead." I smile and start to jump inside. Caroline and Stefan look at each other and shake their heads. I walk to my room, get my clothes off and go to a extra warm shower.



Stefan and Caroline goes back inside where Damon and Jenna still were. Alaric and Mason left earlier after Elena left. "What was all the yelling about?" Damon asks his little brother and puts another grape to his mouth. Stefan shakes his head and sighs. "Elena decided to test my reflexes and jumped down from the roof." He answers and rubs his hand over his face. Caroline nods to confirm. "What?! Is she okay?" Jenna asks clearly worried. Stefan nods. "Yes she is. Don't worry." He smiles a reassuring smile to Jenna. "Yeah she does crazy stuff like that sometimes..." Damon says while getting another grape. Yes, he was annoyed with Elena because her stunt. Even though he loved Elena like a sister, she could be a handful sometimes.

Jenna nods and then looks at the clock. "I think we should call it the day. It was really fun. Thank you!" She says happily. "Thank you for inviting us. We are going to go. See you around Jenna." Stefan says politely and leaves with Damon. Jenna disappears to her room and the boys makes a quick apperance in the doppelgängers room. They see her safe and sound sleeping in her room. With them being sure she is okay, they leave to their own home.

A/N: I'm sorry that this chapter is a little shorter. I wanted this to be over with and it's currently 2am here and I'm tired as heck. Thank you for reading❣

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