10 - Meeting Elijah

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Elenas POV

I hear muffeled voices and my head is bounding like heck. I open my eyes for a second to see I'm in a car. Probably on my way to the house or something. My suspision is confirmed when I hear Trevor talking. I just roll my eyes and decide to take a nap until something cool happens.

I feel myself being lifted up. I just keep my eyes closed until I feel something soft underneath me. I open one of my open, which happens to be the brown one, and look straight at Trevor. He is just looking at me like tf. "If you even think about biting me I'll slap your head off, harder than him" I add the last part quietly. He looks angry and walks towards me.

"Trevor! Control yourself." Somebody yells from behind him. Trevor rolls his eyes but backs away. "Buzzkill." He says and leaves the room. I look at the woman infront of me. "Heya Rose-Marie." I smile sweetly and her eyes widened. "How... How do you know my name?" She asks and I get to a sitting position and open both of my eyes. She looks a little shocked but I just shrug.

"So... I know why I'm here sooo... I'm just going to take another nap." I say with a yawn and take a nice position on the couch. Rose shakes her head and leaves me be. Elijah please hurry.



At the same time in Mystic Falls Jeremy is currently on his way towards the Boarding House. He is looking for his sister, who seems to be missing. Jeremy walks to the door and just walks in. "Damon? Stefan?" He asks rather loudly. In few seconds both of them are standing in front of him.

"Yes little Gilbert?" Damon asks Jeremy feeling tired already. "Is Lena here? I know you guys are like best friends but she could at least let us know where she is." Jeremy huffs out. Damon and Stefan looks at each other. "She's not here." They both say. "Well nobody has heard anything about her since the ball." The younger Gilbert saysgetting worried.

They all walk to the living room area. Stefan thinks for a moment and says: "This has Katherine written all over it." Damon shakes his head. "Katherine's in the tomb. Trust me; I'm the one who shut her in." He adds. "Did you?" Stefan asks suspicious. "Did I what, Stefan?" Damon says offended but hides it well. "Well, I know the hold that Katherine has on you." Stefan says to Damon. "She's in the tomb, period. End of story but she did say something to me right before I shut her in. I thought she was lying." Damon says while thinking back. Stefan stares at Damon: "Well? What did she say?". "Elena's in danger." Damon says looking casual, but on the inside he is panicking for his best friend. Stefan looks at his brother outraged and says: "What? And you didn't think you should ask her to elaborate?". "Everything she says is a lie. How am I supposed to know if she's gonna start spouting out the truth?" Damon says and goes to take some bourbon. Stefan throws his hands up in defeat. "We have to go talk to her." He says looking serious. He too is getting worried about his little friend. "No, no. Let me tell you how that's gonna go: We're gonna go ask her for help, she's gonna negotiate her release which we're gonna be dumb enough to give her and she's gonna get out and kill us! This is exactly what she wants!" Damon says raising his voice. "I don't really care." Stefan says and shurgs his shoulders. "It's a bad idea to talk to her, Stefan. We can ask Bonnie to help or something." Damon says. Stefan stays quiet for a while. "But it's Lena, our little sister Damon." He says and sits down.

All the time while Damon and Stefan argued, Jeremy stood there slightly akward. He clears his throat and looks at the brothers. "We can call Bonnie to help and maybe talk to Katherine. Trying doesn't hurt anyone." Jeremy speaks up. Damon looks at his fourth drink and shrugs. "I guess. I just want her safe..." He mumbles quietly. They get their plan on action.


Elenas POV

I wake up from my nap with a yawn. I look around me, still no signs of Elijah. I walk around the room to stretch my legs. I hear someone, probably Rose, come to the room. "You! There's nothing around here for miles. If you think you're getting out of this house, you're tragically wrong. Understand?" She yells and I turn around to look at her. "Huh? Me?" I point to myself. "Wasn't planning on it." I laugh to myself and she looks completely lost.

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