HIS Queen (Klaus Mikaelson Fanfic) by pitch_frost
HIS Queen (Klaus Mikaelson Fanfic)by °•gouwa•°
What happens when The Hybrid King and His Former Queen are reunited? Easy. Everything goes to Hell.
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Fire *Klaus Mikaelson* by sarah2stults
Fire *Klaus Mikaelson*by sarah2stults
Mia she is Elena's twin sister she's nothing like Elena though she has fire and an edge that seems kind of like Katherine.When Klaus comes to town and threatens all of M...
  • twin
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Shut Up And Kiss Me | Damon Salvatore [1] by laurentellsastory
Shut Up And Kiss Me | Damon yoongi bear
❝but leave without a fight, i gotta make a move somehow❞ [EXTENDED SUMMARY] [SEASON 1 - 2] [COVER IMAGE BELONGS TO @lilpieceofmyworld] Original link: http://ww...
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Illicit Love  ➳ Kol Mikaelson [The Vampire Diaries] by mygrandesposey
Illicit Love ➳ Kol Mikaelson [ ' Alex♛ '
He was the moon, She was the sun He was war, She was peace He was disaster, She was beauty He was sorrow, She was happiness She was his salvation He was her destruction ...
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Turned Weapon. | Rebekah Mikaelson | [1] by blaze_the_sun
Turned Weapon. | Rebekah blaze_the_sun
Alexandra Salvatore. She isn't like her brothers, she is an entirely different creature. | Season 3 The Vampire Diaries | | Rebekah Mikaelson - OC | Mature content Star...
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Angel Petrova by weird-one-out
Angel Petrovaby Weird-one-out
Angel Gilbert is the opposite of her twin, Elena. With her blonde hair and deep brown eyes, she gives off the appearance of a saint. Cursed with being the sister of ever...
  • twin
  • heartbreak
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Just A Dream (Klaus Mikaelson) by fanfictionawesome99
Just A Dream (Klaus Mikaelson)by fanfictionawesome99
Before the Originals were created, a family came from far away land stumbled upon a little village which was now present day Mystic Falls. The lonely undiscovered werewo...
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Desolate (Klaus Mikaelson) by WhatYoLookinAt
Desolate (Klaus Mikaelson)by S.E
What happens when Klaus Mikaelson meets the feisty twin sister of Tyler Lockwood. After all of the physical and mental torment he has put her and her friends through, wi...
  • mate
  • werewolf
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World's Collide (Twilight/TVD/TO/Marvel) - Loki Pairing by insaneredhead
World's Collide (Twilight/TVD/TO/ insaneredhead
Ziva Mikaelson is a little different to her siblings, she's a highly trained former assassin and consultant for SHIELD. But when her twin Klaus cashes in her promise to...
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TVD imagines/preferences by tates_smile
TVD imagines/preferencesby -nobody
REQUESTS CLOSED~ A collection of preferences and imagines involving the reader and characters from 'The Vampire Diaries'. All are written by yours truly :) Preference ch...
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Ice queen (Elijah Mikaelson) by Fan_girl17
Ice queen (Elijah Mikaelson)by Fan_girl17
Since she was 8, Lucie Gilbert knew that she was something special. Sheila Bennett always told her that she's a witch but not a normal one. Her speciality was ice. Now...
  • luciegilbert
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I'm Not Me || TVD by QueenOfTheNight1211
I'm Not Me || TVDby QueenOfTheNight1211
"Always and Forever.... What do you suppose that means to Imogen?" "I don't know." "For Imogen, Always and Forever means... she'll always love y...
  • caroline
  • vampires
  • elijahmikaelson
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Defiance | Elijah Mikaelson by PsychedelicSins
Defiance | Elijah Mikaelsonby j♡
"Every time you try and protect me from the darkness, it only tightens it's grip." An ordinary human gets herself mixed up in a world of Original Vampire drama...
  • hayleymarshallkenner
  • delena
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Pure Happiness by lovely_me74
Pure Happinessby Natalie S.
In which, The Original Hybrid falls for a banshee with a big heart. Credit for the plot goes to @sadtears-
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The Hybrid and his Mistress by LaChupacabra
The Hybrid and his Mistressby LaChupacabra
Fem!Harry. Yeah, it's AU. Willow Eris Potter, or rather Eris Black - as she goes by now, is so very tired of the Wizarding World. One day they're showering her in accola...
  • femharry
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Scarlett ▻ TVD by arios2004
Scarlett ▻ TVDby A
"If you think Klaus is protective over Rebekah, wait until you see how he is with Scarlett." TVD - Season 3 - ?
  • salvatore
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Allure of Darkness  [1] ➸ Klaus Mikaelson by DamonMikaelsonJones
Allure of Darkness [1] ➸ Klaus L I M E R E N C E
"Don't underestimate the Allure of Darkness, even the purest hearts are drawn to it" -Niklaus Mikaelson - #1 in new for Klaus Mikaelson #37 in #klausmikaelson ...
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Love, Fear, Hope, ||| Klaus Mikaelson by ShadesOfBarryAllen
Love, Fear, Hope, ||| Klaus ShadesOfBarryAllen
My name is Alex Taylor-Lockwood I'm 17 years old and I was 2 months when I got dropped on the orphanage doorstep. I was the kid that nobody wanted because of the scar go...
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The Little Salvatore  by _What_a_sad_world_
The Little Salvatore by Noddles
We all know the famous Salvatore brothers, but no one knew they had a sister, a little sister, the one they don't see in more that 130 years, the one they thought was de...
  • mikaelson
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  • stefansalvatore
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Now And Then (TVD S.S) by Gerlithequeen
Now And Then (TVD S.S)by Gerli
Name : Adelaide Petrova Age: 20/546 Birth date: 1471 Adelaide Petrova. The Last name says it all. She's Katherine's older sister. She got thrown out with Katherine. Ade...
  • elena
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