33 - Quality Time

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Elena's POV

I slowly open my eyes as I feel I have been laying there doing absolutely nothing long enough.

After the bath with Niklaus I talked with Caroline about four hours. I wanted to make sure that she was in a stable state.

We went to bed and talked about life with Niklaus for an hour or so before I fell asleep.

Niklaus was holding me against his chest and I was the little spoon facing away from him.

I turn around in his hold and snuggle closer to him.

I lift my finger and gently trace his face. Niklaus smiles softly and opens his eyes.

"Morning Love." He says in his own morning voice. I shiver again and his smile turns to a smirk.

"Morning." I say to him and just admire his beautiful face.

We stay in silence just enjoying the warmth and peace.

All good things must come to a end.

We hear a knock on the door and Rebekah carefully peeks inside with a hand over her eyes.

"I do not want to see my brother and future sister-in-law naked so is it okay to look?" She asks.

I giggle and Niklaus glares at Rebekah.

"Don't worry Bex, we have clothes on." I say to her and giggle when she wipes a imaginary sweat from her forehead.

"What do you want sister?" Niklaus asks and leans into his hand.

"Nothing. I was bored." She says and I burst out laughing.

"So you ruined our peace because you are bored?" Niklaus asks with a unimpressed eyebrow raise.

Rebekah grins and nods. I'm still laughing and Niklaus takes my pillow and throws it at Rebekah.

"Leave." He says and Rebekah mocks him before stepping out of the room.

"Oh and Damon is waiting for you to text him." She says to me and I nod. She leaves after giving us a smirk.

"And close the door please!" Niklaus says dramatically and Rebekah snickers.

She leaves it open and Niklaus huffs.

"Well..." I giggle and shrug.

"Also this is mine now." I grab his pillow and put it under my head. I turn to lie on my back.

Niklaus rolls to his stomach and lies between my legs.

He puts his head on my stomach and wraps his arms around my waist.

I look down at him and smile. He pouts and I giggle. "What?"

"I haven't gotten a good morning kiss yet." He pouts and I giggle even more.

"You are a manchild." I say to him with a smile and lean in to kiss him.

I quickly peck his lips and return back to my position.

Niklaus mock glares at me and then smirks.

"Do not dare." I say to him and get ready to leave.

Niklaus smirks and starts to tickle me. I start laughing loudly and wiggle on his grip.

He slowly stops tickling me and sits up. He looks down at me.

I still giggle slightly with a big smile on my face.

His face softens even more and he leans down and cages me between his arms.

He starts to give me small kisses all over my face.

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