31 - Oh Elijah

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Trigger warning?


Elena's POV

I jolt awake from yet another wet dream.

I wipe my sweaty forehead and rub my legs together.

Yesterday did not do me well.

I bite my lip and release couple harsh breaths as the scenario of last nights dream comes back.

Their mouths all over me and hands roaming my body.

With slow movements I run my hand over my breasts.

Slowly I squeeze the big and perky breasts together and ran my fingers over my nipples.

I get up from the bed and feel myself getting more horny as the dream stays fresh on my mind.

I look at myself in the mirror and bite my lip.

My hair was a mess and my cheeks were flushed. My nipples were demanding for attention and stood proudly waiting.

I take a shirt I stole from Elijah and put it over my naked body.

As I put the shirt on I button only the couple first ones

With a last look at my hardened nipples poking through the shirt, I leave the room.

I was staying in the Mansion, just because Elijah wanted me to be safe.

I walk downstairs and time to time rub my legs together to get some friction.

I arrive to the living room and go straight to the alcohol. I usually don't drink but I need something to help me fall asleep.

As I study all the different bottles, someone closes a book behind me.

I jump and quickly turn around to see Elijah holding a book with a small smirk on his face. He looks me up and down and I see him lick his lips.

My face goes a tiny bit red and I bite my bottom lip.

"Hi Eli..." I say with a quiet giggle and slowly lift my hands to block the view from him.

Elijah was wearing one of his suits without the jacket.

Slowly Elijah lowers the book to a table and stands up, all the while keeping eye-contact with me.

My stomach glenches as he starts to roll up his sleeves. Fuck he is hot.

He starts to walk towards me and I back away with a small teasing smile on my face.

I quickly hit the wall and he walks in front of me. He lifts his hands next to my head, locking me in place.

"Hello Elena." He finally answers me and his hand to caress my cheek.

"You look ravishing my dear." Elijah whispers to my ear as he starts to give small kisses along my neck.

I feel myself getting wetter and I push my legs against each other.

His other fingers slowly goes up and down my tigh, resulting in me shivering.

"You have been a bad girl. Walking in here in only my shirt on, teasing me." Elijah whispers to my ear and I moan.

My stomach glences again and I close my eyes as I feel myself getting even wetter.

With a small bite to my earlobe Elijah stands up straight as he looks me in the eyes. I can see he is very aroused too.

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