34 - The Late Mikaelson Ball

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Elena's POV

"I don't really think that this is my dress Bekah." I mumble as I look at myself on the mirror.

I hate dresses, but I promised to wear one just for Rebekah. I don't know how to shop for one so I just told her what I like and she bought me dresses.

Rebekah opens the door and peeks inside. She shakes her head. "You are right. Let me find something else."

She goes out to find a new dress. I shrug the wrong dress off and put my shirt on as I wait.

I hear Rebekah squeal loudly and I chuckle. Soon I hear rapid footsteps and she peeks inside.

"Try these." She gives me three options. I take them and thank her.

I close the door and take my shirt off once again.

I try all the three on, but one of them catches my eye above the rest.

"Bekah." I call out as I do a little twirl.

She peeks inside and smiles widely. "Finally. That's it! We'll get that." Se decides and I giggle.

The dress was simple enough and comfortable to wear.

The dress was simple enough and comfortable to wear

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"Is it too simple?" I ask through the door.

"Only thing that matters it that you like it and it's comfortable." Rebekah says from behind the door.

I smile softly. I really suck at picking dresses.

I carefully shrug the dress off and put my clothes on.

Rebekah takes the dress and goes to pay for it. "Hey, what are you doing?" I ask confused.

"Paying for it." She playfully rolls her eyes.

"I know that, but why?" I ask with a small smile.

"I actually had fun today. And you are my first true friend in a long time." I can see her hide a little smile.

"Awe. Love you too Bekah." I tease but hug her tightly.

"I know, who wouldn't?" She does a fabulous hairflip and I giggle.

We take the dress and leave the store after saying bye.

"Maybe we should get some food?" Rebekah tilts her head.

I open my mouth but my stomach rumbles loudly. I grin and look at her.

"Food it is."


"Have you heard anything about Elijah? He doesn't answer my calls." I ask and take a bite of my fry.

Rebekah shakes her head with a small frown.

"I hope he is okay." I whisper and Rebekah smiles softly.

We continue to eat and chat about the ball and life.

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