32 - Caroline & Fluff

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Elena's POV

I stir slightly awake and I feel strong arms around me.

I open my other eye and look around me confused.

I hear a chuckle and I look towards the sound. I see Elijah smiling softly at me.

Memories from last night come back and I grin lazily.

I let my head flop back down to his chest.

Elijah is laying on his back and I'm hugging his chest and our legs are tangeled under the sheets.

Elijah softly does random shapes between my shoulderblades.

"Good morning." Elijah says with his rough morning voice. I shiver slightly.

"Morning." I mumble against his chest.

"How are you feeling?" He asks with a soft smile.

"Amazing." I sighed happily and cuddled closer to Elijah.

"How do you feel?" I ask quietly after getting little bit insecure.

Elijah kisses my head. "I feel incredible." He admits and I smile.

I close my eyes again and sigh happily. I almost fall asleep again but force my eyes open.

I yawn and put my chin on Elijah's chest. I look at him.

Elijah looks at me and puts a strand of hair behind my ear.

I reach up and give him a kiss. "I love you Elijah."

"I love you too." He answers and looks at me with intense love in his eyes.

"Gosh I need a shower. I smell like sex." I giggle slightly.

"Do you mind if I join you?" Elijah asks with a small smirk.

"Be my guest." I giggle and sit up straight.

I wince at the pain between my legs. Elijah sits up and gently kisses my shoulder.

"Is it bad?" He asks and I hear a small pint of guilt on his voice.

"It hurts a bit not gonna lie. But it was worth it, would do it again." I say and glance at smiling Elijah.

Elijah stands up and picks me to his arms. I squeal and hold on to him while laughing.


I exit the shower with a towel around my body and hair.

I walk further to the room and stand in front of a mirror.

I look at myself and sigh. I have grown to love this body, but I still feel insecure like most of the people.

Being around a man like Elijah, or Nik, makes me feel like that I'm not enough sometimes.

"What are you thinking so hard?" Elijah asks as he wraps his arms around my waist and puts his head my shoulder.

"Just about myself." I answer and turn to give his cheek a kiss.

Elijah narrows his eyes and I smile innocently.

I wiggle out of his grip and take the towel out of my hair.

I throw it at Elijah and it covers his head. I giggle as he doesn't even try anymore.

"When is Nik coming back?" I ask Elijah as I walk to his walk-in closet.

"He should be home tomorrow evening." I hear him say as I go through his and couple of my own clothes.

"Okay." I comment and drop the towel to the ground.

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