23 - Preparing for the ritual

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Elenas POV

I roll over in my sleep. I feel the most softest bed under me and I happily snuggle closer to it.

After a few minutes of just appriciating the bed, I sit up.

I look around me and I notice that I'm in a beautiful room.

It is not my room, but I might steal it for now.

I yawn and slip out of the bed. I blink a couple of times to get my brain working again.

I shake my head and crack my back and neck. I sigh when a loud crack comes from both of them.

I slowly walk to a bathroom and look at myself on the mirror.

"Yeah I need a shower." I mumble to myself and start to take my clothes off.

"Sorry for whoever this bathroom belongs to!" I say louder.

I go inside the shower and wash myself.

Couple songs later I finally step out of the shower. I look around for a towel.

I grab a big and fluffy towel and wrap myself around it.

I dry myself and then pull my pants back on, as they were not that dirty.

I put on my bra and then sneak out from the bathroom to the closet.

I look at the clothes with a small smile, everything is pretty simple.

I steal a pretty large t-shirt and put it on. I laugh at the size.

I tuck the front of the shirt to my pants and leave the rest be.

I take my leather jacket and put it on.

I see Blue and Red chilling there, so with a giggle I guide them to my braided hair.

I slowly leave the room.

As I walk the hallway, I regconize the place as The Mikaelson Mansion.

I finally find the stairs and go downstairs.

I hear voices from the kitchen, don't judge I became familiar with it when I taught Finn and Kol.

I walk over there and see my two students.

"Morning." I smile widely and jump over to Finn.

"Good morning Elena. I hope you slept well." Finn says and wraps his arms around me, as I hug him.

"It was the best sleep I have had in a long time." I grin and Finn nods his head approving.

I just stand there and hug Finn, I feel so safe.

"Where's my hug?" Kol whines and pouts like a little boy.

I giggle and go over to Kol. I hug him too.

Kol smirks and hugs me back. Yesterday I could feel how little Kol has been hugged.

So naturally now on I will hug Kol when ever I can.

I sit next to him at the kitchen island.

"I'm sorry for falling asleep. And for stealing your shirt." I say to Finn with a small smile.

He waves it off and continues to make breakfast.

"When have Finn learned how to make breakfast?" I whisper to Kol.

He smirks and shrugs. "We'll see if we have a mansion when he is done." He whispers back.

"I heard that." Finn mutters and looks at us over his shoulder. We both laugh and soon enough Finn joins us too.

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