26 - Nightmare & Quick Plans

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Elenas POV

I toss around in my sleep, feeling extremly restless.

After one nightmare, I thought I wouldn't have anymore, especially when Damon and Enzo comforted me.

Oh boy how was I wrong.

I gasp awake tears in my eyes. I clutch Winnie and Wolf tightly and try to forget the worst part of my nightmare.

It was total chaos and didn't make any sense.


The nightmare:

I was peacefully laying on the couch with Kol sitting upsidedown. It was just us and we had a lot of fun.

Our moment was interrupted by a loud bang, coming from the front door.

A random man and Mikael came and roughly grabbed my arm and yanked me away from Kol.

The random man grabbed Kol while Mikael held me tightly.

"Still being friends with a trash huh?" Mikael spat and I whimpered from the pain.

"Stop!" I yelled as the random man stabbed Kol multiple times.

Mikael laughed and laid his head on my shoulder.

I shivered from disgust and I held back my tears.

"You can't save them and when you fail, I'll be there to remind you." He whispered to me and forced me to look at Kol.

My eyes widened when I saw the white oak stake in the random man hand.

"Sshh, it's okay Elena." Kol whispered.

"NO!!" I yelled tearfully when the man stabbed Kol with the white oak stake.

The last thing I heard before I woke up was the disgusting laugh belonging to Mikael.


Sob wrecks through my body from the memory.

It has been one of my worst fears here, not being able to save the people I care about.

I open my eyes and another mix between a gasp and a sob leaves me.

I look around me with wide eyes. I'm sitting in a driveway to the Mikaelson mansion, still clutching Winnie and Wolf.

I wipe my eyes and hiccup, but stand up quickly.

I run towards their mansion and knock on their door many times.

I can't help the one or two sobs.

Daamn I feel weak and useless at the time.

The door opens and reveals very annoyed Niklaus.

When his eyes land on my shaking form, his expression changes to one of badly hidden worry and fury.

"Elena?" He asks and opens the door more widely.

"Is... sob... Is Kol here?" I ask and clutch my stuffed animals.

Kol must have heard me, as he speeds next to Niklaus.

Not far behind a very worried Elijah walks over.

I flung myself at Kol and he quickly wraps his arms around me.

I wrap my legs around his middle and hold him tightly while sobbing.

"Shh shh..." Kol calms me down and strockes my head and gives me a small kiss on the side of my head.

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