2 - The Salvatore(s)

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Elenas POV

I walk to Bonnie and get into her car. "Good morning." I said smiling, trying to hide my inner fangirl. "Good morning Elena. You look happier today!" Bonnie says with a smile. "Honestly, I feel better." Understatement, but who cares.

Bonnie starts to drive towards school and I look outside to memorise everything, but same time listen to Bonnie talk. I was always quite annoyed how Elena acted towards Bon, even when she did everything for her and made everything about her. Raw truth.

"So Grams is telling me I'm psychic. Our ancestors were from Salem, witches and all that, I know, crazy, but she's going on and on about it, and I'm like, put this woman in a home already! But then I started thinking, I predicted Obama and I predicted Heath Ledger, and I still think Florida will break off and turn into little resort islands." Bonnie rambles and I nod.

"Maybe it is real?" I look at her with a raised eyebrow and mischievous eyes. She shakes her head with a small smile. 'Only if you knew Bon...' I think.

"Maybe you could predict something? About us?" I asked her. "I see..." Bonnie starts to talk, but a crow hits the windshield. She quickly slows down.

"You stupid stake bait wait till I see you..." I whisper to myself really quietly towards the crow which were flying close to the car, while trying to calm my racing heart. I seriously forgot about the crow, but holy bananas let me tell you it was not nice.

"What was that?! Oh, my god! Elena, are you okay?" Bonnie asks clearly panicked about the little incident.

"It's okay. I'm fine. No biggie, only that my soul left my body." I tried to joke to make the situation better.

"It was like a bird or something. It came out of nowhere!" Bonnie exclaimed. "Really, I can't be freaked out by cars for the rest of my life." I say the OG Elena line. "I predict this year is going to be kick ass. And I predict all the sad and dark times are over and you are going to be beyond happy." Bonnie says with a supportive/amused smile. I just nodd. 'Oh the irony....' I laughed to myself.


Quicker than I expected our journey came to an end. I step outside the car and look towards my new school. It felt weird. Even while in America, it was weird to go to High School, when at home, Finland, it was so different. I shake my head and walk after Bonnie.

Inside we walk to our lockers. "Major lack of male real estate. Look at the shower curtain on Kelly Beech. She looks like a hot — can I still say "tranny mess"?" Bonnie asks.

I shake my head with a small laugh. "Sorry, no. That's over." I answer her. "Ahh, find a man, coin a phrase. It's a busy year." Bonnie says back.

I look around and see very blue eyes look at us. Matty, The Human who doesn't die, Donovan. I wave at him. He was okay, I had mixed feelings about him.

He just ignores me and walks away after slamming his locker shut. I roll my eyes and turn to Bonnie. "That dude needs to get that stick out of his arse." I mutter quietly and then look at Bonnie. "He hates me." I say, not really caring because I'm too excited about what's going to happen in... 3... "That's not hate. That's "you dumped me, but I'm too cool to show it, but secretly I'm listening to Air Supply's greatest hits."" Bonnie says. 2...

"Elena! Oh. My. God!" I hear blonde yell and wrap me to a very, very, very tight hug. I really liked Caroline. Sure she was a bit bitchy in season one, but once she become vampire her character grew as a person.

"Hey Care!" I said amused. Still I hugged her back that little time. "How are you? Oh, it's so good to see you. How is she? Is she good?" Caroline asks me and turns to Bonnie before I could say even one word.

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