6 - Baby vampire & Research

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Elenas POV

I yawn and look around me. For a moment I'm confused, but then I remember Damon falling asleep on my bed. I smell something really good. I slowly get up and walk to the kitchen. I see Damon cooking possibly pancakes and I can't help the large smile that overtakes my face. "Good morning." I say with a small yawn and I rub my eyes. "Morning Moony. I, uh, I'm.... Sorry for you know... Falling asleep on your bed and just. Yeah." He says akwardly and turns back to the pancakes. I can't help but chuckle. "It's okay Damon. And you didn't need to make anything, so thank you." I say to him and he smiles.

I sit down and pop my back and neck. I sigh in satisfaction and yawn again. Damon puts a plate with pancakes infront of me and I nod thanks. I have actually never eaten English/American version of pancakes. I take a forkful of pancakes with some blueberries and... syrup I think. I taste them and my eyes widened. "Holy moly!!" I yell and Damon laughs at me. "Damon! These are amazing!" I laugh and take some more. I also drink my daily dose of vervain. I have not been compelled before, which is weird, but I still take it/wear it everyday. "Thank you Moony." He laughs and ruffels my hair. I offer him some and he takes couple forkfuls. I eat fairly quickly and I then jump up.

"Thank you so much Dam, but if everything goes as it should, Care is a vampire now and I want to be there for her." I say quickly and start to run upstairs. I get only couple steps up when I run into Damons chest. "Au..." I rub my noce. "Hold on there. First of all are you crazy?! She is a newbie vampire with no control of her bloodlust and you are only a human. Second of all, how would you help her? Me and Stefan are the vampires here?" He raises a eyebrow and folds his hands on his chest. I look at him unimpressed. "First of all, she is my best friend. Of course I'm going to be there and help her. I can defend myself thank you very much. And second of all, I know that you are vampires. Not like I could forget. But the main point is that I can help her. I know stuff too." Now this time I fold my hands and quickly duck next to/under him and keep walking to my room.

Damon quickly follows me. "No Elena, you don't get it." He says and I ignore him. "Fine! But only if me or Stefan come with you!" He says after a while of me ignoring him. I just look at him and raise a eyebrow and nod. I can work with that.

I take a quick shower and put on my white lace underwear set. I then change to a light gray sweatpants, a white sweater and I put my leather jacket on. I walk to the door where Damon is waiting. I put my combact boots on and go outside. I lock the door and turn to Damon. "Uh... Want to run us?" I say with a small laugh. I really need my motorcycle. It's a good thing I'm planning on buying one. Damon nods and turns his back on me. "Hold on tight." He says as I jump to his back. He vamp-speeds us to the hospital. We go inside to see Caroline.


We talked a lot with Caroline and cleared anything that she didn't quite understand. Damon taught her how to compel and we compeled Caroline out when Bonnie came and gave her a daylight ring. Her mom was working so yeah... We went to the Salvatore boarding house where Damon and me taught her control over her bloodlust and Oh Boy was she a fast learner. Stefan tried to get her to drink from animals, but she refused when I joked about Bambi. She got pretty good control and she learned everything quite quickly in general.

We made sure that she was fed very well before we the carnival so she doesn't eat anyone. And I made sure I had some blood in a bottle for her to drink if it get's too hard to control. Unfortunately for Matt, Caroline broke up with him. Honestly it was for the best. Otherwise we had good time. Even Damon and Stefan got along good and we laughed a lot. Even when they teamed up and "bullied" me. It was good to just let go and have some fun. Caroline did not attack anyone, thanks to the blood I carried along.

Because I told Tyler earlier about his curse and to Damon and Stefan about him, Damon did not compel someone to pick a fight with Tyler. I also might have talked to Mason about Katherine and now he is thinking about leaving with Tyler. Probably to Florida.

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