41 - Training

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Elena's POV

"That's... Wow. Does anyone else know?" Jeremy asks as he sits across me with a excited expression on his face.

I shake my head. "No. I was and still am scared to tell anyone. It's a huge secrect and I'm afraid people will take advance of that." I mumble.

"I understand. I'm a bit sad you didn't tell me earlier, but I understand." Jeremy says with a smile.

I smile and get up to hug him. "Thank you."

"For what?" He asks with a chuckle as he hugs me tightly.

"For being amazing brother."


"Again." The figure says peacefully as I throw my hands up in the air.

"It wont work." I frown as I try to get the other flame dance with the other.

This far I have made one flame dance but the other one is just not working with me.

After my talk with Jeremy, I went into the waterfall and decided to go to my mindscape to train.

To outside it looks like I am meditating.

The figure joined me and they are trying to teach me more of the basic stuff with my magic.

"You can. You think about it too much. Let it go, breath in, and out." They say in a calm voice. They are so patinet with me.

I take a deep breath in and relax my muscles. I close my eyes and breath out.

"There you go." They whisper quietly with a chuckle.

I open my eyes to see the flames dance around us.

I laugh in glee and drop to my back. I lay in the grass and look up to the sky.

"Hey C?" I ask as I slightly turn to look at them.

I started to call the figure C, short for consiliarius, which means advisor in latin, I think.

If not then this is kind of akward.

"Hhm?" They humm softly and tilt their covered head.

"Earlier I saw this light pink thing between myself and Niklaus. What does that mean?" I ask as I play with a small piece of grass.

"Oh. You can see auras. Or relationships between people. It depends. That must be some sort of a bonus thing." They mutter to themself and I just look at them.

"I can what now?" I ask as I think. Only think running through my mind is Marcus Volturi from Twilight. Hehe.

Stefan could totally be Edward Cullen. There is too many similiarties between them it's not even funny. Okay it's a but funny. Okay a-.

"Different people have different aura. And you know what relationships mean. For example, Niklaus and you have a romantic but pure relationship." They explain cutting my train of thought off.

"Soooo... Does it appear naturally? Or do I control it? How do I turn it on and off? Like is it a switch or something?" I ask curiously.

"That you have to find out on your own. I do not know." C says in a apologetic tone.

I see Blue and Red fly up from the ground catching my attention. I reach my finger out to them.

The butterflies land on my finger and I bring them closer to my face with a gentle smile.

"What's up with Blue and Red?" I finally ask.

C seems to be looking at the two butterflies with a small tilt of their head.

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