21 - Deals with Niklaus

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Elenas POV

I jolt awake from my nightmare. I look around me in alarm and take a deep breath when I realise I'm safe.

With shaky hands I reach out to my phone.

I look for Damon's number and I come across Wannabe Dracula❣.

I press his name and lift the phone to my ear and just wait in the silence.

"Hello?" Says a muffeled tired voice.

"Damon..." I whisper.

I hear him suffle, probably looking at the clock.

"Moony? It's almost three in the morning." He says still sounding tired as heck.

I felt quilty to wake him up, but I just had to know he was okay.

"I'm sorry for waking you up... I just had to hear you." I whisper to the phone.

"Are you okay?" He asks sounding more awake and worried.

I just stay quiet and look at my hand in my lap.

"Another nightmare?" He asks softly and I hum quietly.

"I know it's night... But could you come over or could I come there?" I ask still whispering.

"I'll be over in ten." He says softly and hungs up.

With a small smile and shaky hands I lower the phone and put it on the night stand.

I pull my knees on my chest and rest my head between my knees.

About ten minutes later I hear my window open and not even a second later someone pulls me into a hug against their chest.

I clung tightly to Damon and inhale his scent. The nightmare comes to my mind and I hug him tighter.

"Shhhh, it's okay Moony. I'm here now. It was just a nightmare." He says calmly and strokes my hair.

I just hug him tight and let him lull me to sleep again.


I wake up with a big yawn.

I feel Damon still next to me and I snuggle closer to his side, hugging him like a koala.

He chuckles and I smile. Damon is just the best. He does stuff like this and cares for me, and I couldn't be more grateful.

"Thank you Damon. For everything. You are always here for me." I whisper and he pulls me tighter into the hug.

"You are like my little sister Moony. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you." He says and kisses my head.

I yawn again and then get up against my elbow.

"Mä haisen." ("I stink.") I say and get up, dragging my ice cream loving butt to the shower.

I take a long refreshing shower and I look a little bit better. I can see the affects from the nightmares, but I shrug it off.

I wrap a towel around me and walk back to my room. Damon is still laying at my bed on his back, book in hand.

I go to my closet and like a ninja put on some underwear under the towel.

'Hhm. Should I go comfy or comfy?' I think and tap my chin.

"Go comfy." Damon comments from the bed and I giggle.

It's weird. Most of the time we just know what each other are thinking. Not (possibly) in a magical way, we just know.

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