4 - Mr Blue Eyes & Comet

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Elenas POV

I woke up still in Jeremy's bed. He was hugging his pillow and I was sleeping in a sitting position. I yawn and strecth. After my beautiful strecthing I get up from the bed. I move the laptop and go to my own room. I get my outfit ready and then go to bathroom. I do all of my morning routines.

I curl my hair and then I put them up on high ponytail. I take couple strands of hair and to go along my face. I then turn to my clothes. I put on my black slightly ripped jeans, white top and I tie black and white flanell on my waist. I then put on my leather jacket and grab my backpack and go downstairs.

"Do I look adult? As in respectfully parental?" Aunt Jenna asks me when I reach the last steps. "Depends on where you're going." I answer and rub my neck. "Jeremy's parent-teacher conference. Hair up or down?" She says back and looks at herself on the mirror. She puts them up and then down. "Definately up. Up you look like sexy stewardess and down you look like boozy housewife!" I giggle. Jenna looks at me smiling. "Up it is. You're feisty today." She says. "I feel good. Jeremy is still sleeping. If he wants can he stay at home today?" I ask her. Aunt Jenna nods and then leaves after giving me a kiss on the forehead. In the OG timeline Jeremy would have gone and left early, but now he is still home sleeping. Hhm... I make some breakfast and eat. I leave some for Jeremy and I leave a letter explaining that he can stay home or go to school when it starts for him.

I clean my stuff up and go to the door. I put on my combact boots and then leave for school. I put on some music and start my small dancing. This is the second favorite time of the day, first being night, because I can dance and just chill.


I was once again in history class, once again listening to Mr. Tanner talk. Oof. I look at Stefan and make a funny face to him. He does one back. He has been more relaxed than in the show, but I don't know.

"Originally discovered nearly 5 centuries ago, it hasn't been over Mystic Falls in over 145 years. Now, the comet will be its brightest right after dusk during tomorrow's celebration. Are we bothering you, Mr. Salvatore? Ms. Gilbert?" Mr. Tanner asks us. I turn my gaze on him and nodd. "Yes." He looks at me with annyoed look. "Excuse me?" He sneers. "You're excused." I grin at him and the class chuckles quietly. He looks at me with really? look. I smile at him innocently. He turns around and starts to explain again. I turn to Stefan and roll my eyes and mock what Mr. Tanner said to me and Stefan while smiling. Don't get me wrong. I quite like school and I can be respectful. But with a teacher like Tanner it's hard. I don't hate him, I highly dislike him.

The whole book thing did not happen, because I did not invite Stefan over yesterday. So after my class I ran towards Matt. "Hey Matt!" I yell and run to catch up with him.

"Hey Elena." He says with a small tired sad smile. "How's Vicki?" I ask him with a small smile.

"They're keeping her overnight to make sure there's no infection, but she should be able to come home tomorrow." He explains. "That's good news." I say with a small smile. He nods.

"Oh by the way, did you get in touch with your mother?" I ask slowly knowing it's a touchy subject.

"I called and left a message. She's in Virginia Beach with her boyfriend, so...we'll see how long it takes her to come rushing home." He sighs sadly. "Well, Vicki's lucky that she's ok. It could be worse you know?" I kind of try to cheer him up.

"Yeah, I know, and now there's talk of some missing campers." He looks around us. I look around us and see Stefan clearly listening to our conservation. "Did she say what it was that attacked her?" I ask and hide my smile knowing that Stefan is listening.

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