29 - Talk & Ghosts

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Elenas POV

Like Elijah promised, we are currently getting some more ice cream.

Niklaus made succesful hybrids from those who wanted to be turned and now the word is spreading out about hybrids.

There were some dudes who didn't survive the transition, but life goes on.

I eat my ice cream happily and I even got Niklaus eat some. Now he is addicted with me. Life is succesful.

Elijah is looking at his phone with a frown. I tilt my head.

I glance at Niklaus, who looks at me, shrugs and continues to eat his own ice cream.

I turn back to Elijah. "You okay?"

Elijah looks at me and nods with a smile.

I shrug and continue to eat my ice cream.

"So what happens now?" I ask and look each of them with a small tilt of my head.

"Well Love, we have two options. We all can go and find some new werewolves or I will continue alone with my hybrids." Niklaus says after eating a spoonful.

"Uhm... You have some..." I point to the side of my mouth and then with a small smile wipe the ice cream from the side of his mouth.

"Thank you Love." Niklaus smirks.

"Nada problemo." I say with my own weird way.

"And... As much as I enjoy your company, I think I'm going to go home for a bit." I gently tap the spoon to my lips as I think it over.

"I am going home too. I have some business to do." Elijah says and finally puts his phone back.

"Okay." Niklaus shrugs and pushes the empty bowl away.

I glance at Elijah and Niklaus. I really need to have a talk with them soon.

My head can't handle this anymore. I care about both of them so much but I never want to be like Katherine or OG Elena with men.

Don't get me wrong, Katherine is Queen, but the way she treated Damon and Stefan.

And well, Elena is Elena.

"Are you okay?" Elijah asks quietly as I come back from my thoughts.

I nod and lean to my hand.

"I wonder what Kol is up to."


"Bye Neeeklaus!" I wave at him and laugh.

He rolls his eyes and drives away with a small smile on his face.

"Neeklaus?" Elijah asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Inside joke." I smirk and grab my bag.

"Bye Elijah. I had fun..." I smile and turn to leave.

"Bye Elena." Elijah says and looks after me.

I stop after couple steps and nibble my bottom lip.

I have a serious battle inside my head. Should I?

"Frick it." I whisper and turn around.

I drop the bag on the ground and walk over to Elijah.

He looks from my eye to another with a confused expression.

"I'm going to regret it if I don't do it."

I grab his face and kiss him.

He instantly responds to the kiss and wraps his arms around my waist.

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