47 - What Will Happen?

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Elena's POV

No matter how long I would or will spend in this world, I will never get enough of waking up on either Elijah or Niklaus' arms.

The feeling of being in such a secure hold is just, unexplainable.

This time both of them were in the bed with me on either side, peacefully sleeping.

I have been awake for a while now, just listening to them breathe and staring at the ceiling.

To be honest, I was quite scared.

Scared of the future and somewhat of the present.

I lived my life simply surviving with ice cream and went to school. Then I literally died and woke up in a fictional characters body. I am a witch, I am a wolf, I should not exist. I am in a relationship with two insanely hot men, who are vampires. Original vampires. What the fuck.

What will happen to us? To me? I know what the plot was supposed to be, I literally destroyed everything and changed so much. What would happen to us now? Would the same danger stay or would some new crazy stuff just appear out of nowhere? What if I just doomed us to a certain death?

"Elena, love, calm down."

I snap out of my thoughts by arms surrounding my waist and pulling my back into a very familiar solid chest. I realise my heart is beating like crazy and my breathing picked up.

"Shh, that's it." Elijah whispers and soughts out my eyes. He takes a hold of my cheeks as he lays in front of me on his side. "Listen to Niklaus' heartbeat."

I close my eyes and listen to the calm thumping of Niklaus' heart as my head rests on the crook of his neck.

"Good girl." Niklaus murmurs into my neck as I calm down.

"What happened?" Elijah asks quietly and strokes my cheeks with his thumbs, making slow and comforting gestures.

I enjoy the contact and take a deep breath in, loving their smell. That sounded weird.

It was the first time here that I have freaked out like that. It did take me quite a while to be honest. I thought I would simply mess myself with my damned overthinking in the first week.

"I got lost in my thoughts, it got a bit overwhelming." I admit and open my eyes to look at Elijah.

The pure love in his eyes makes my heart clench painfully.

I have fallen so deep in love.

At this point it wasn't a silly old crush on a high-school sweetheart, or a fictional character acted by a total hottie, I loved them.

Loved them so much it hurt.

Which makes the future so much more scarier than it is. How could I ever bare it if I were to lose either one of them. I would simply pass away.

"Everything is alright my love. We got you." Niklaus whispers gently and puts his hand over my chest on top of my heart, pulling me even closer to him.

"We got you." Elijah echoes Niklaus' words and still keeps a hold of my face.

I might just die. I can't handle this. I'm simping too hard.

I take a moment to gather my shiet together. This is rather embarrasing.

Niklaus' arms around me helped me ground and Elijah's presence and just simply his gentle touch helped a lot.

Neither removed their arms from me.

"I'm sorry." I mumble and feel my face grow hot. I close my eyes again and bite my lip as a habit at this point.

"For what?" Elijah asks confused and quickly pulls my lip away from between my teeth as I apply a bit too much preassure nearly breaking the skin.

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