8 - Plan B & Vision

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A/N: I'm skipping the whole Damon and Stefan "kidnapping" thing, because they are actually friends with Mason now. Sheriff Forbes knows about Caroline and she is adapting.

Elenas POV

I open my eyes slowly, but close them anyway again. I look at my clock, seeing the time at 06.30, with a sigh I get up slowly. I still have some time before I have to get my daily dose of Salvatores. I rub my eyes and walk to my closet.

I pick black tighter sweatpants and black sports bra and put them on. I grab a pretty big bottle filled with liquid and then put on my running shoes. I tie them up and then go outside. I start to run.

I run fairly quickly to the Wickery Bridge. I look around me and then start to pour the liquid on the bridge and sign. It barely is enough, but I think it's enough. I take a lighter from my pocket and quietly start it on fire. I back away quickly and do a little happy dance after I see it in total flames. "We can't let this kill the Originals now can we?" I ask myself whispering and smirk at the sight. I start to run back home, in hopes that nobody saw me.

Once I get home, I take off my shoes and place them nicely on the side. I jog to kitchen and have a nice cold water bottle. Which I drink it at one go. I jog upstairst to my bathroom and take my clothes off. I jump into the shower and wash myself.

After my very refreshing shower, I go back to my room and think of my outfit for today. First of all I put on my underwear of course. Finally, after more than enough wondering I decide to put on blue slightly ripped jeans, a black tank top and a dark grey cardigan. I look at the mirror and wonder what to do with my hair. I decide to let them open with my sligthly a natural curl.

I go downstairs and start to make myself breakfast. I see a note on the table saying that Aunt Jenna is helping with the ball. I take a deep breath and finish my cereal. I also take an apple with me and I go to the livin room. I sit down and open the Tv. First thing I see is news about Wickery Bridge being on fire. I slowly lower my spoon from my mouth and change the station with a small oops, accidents happens. I watch some spongebob and continue eating.


I walk to the amazing Salvatore Boarding house. With a knock I enter and go straight to Damon alcohol. I take a cup and pour, probably bourbon, into it. I sit down on their couch and I hear Damon and Stefan come closer to me. I just hold the alcohol in my hand and state straight ahead. They look at me with an odd look in their eyes. "When have you started drinking?" Damon narrows his eyes and looks at me. Stefan looks slightly worried and his forehead lines makes a beautiful appearance.

I turn my head towards Damon and smile softly. "I don't drink. I just wanted to look cool like Damon when he just sits with a bourbon in his hands." I grin. Both of them burst out into a fit of chuckles. and Damon ruffles my hair. He grabs the drink from my hand and takes a sip. They both sit down with me.

"So the ball is tomorrow. Are you ready for the plan to kill Katerina?" I ask them with a small smile. I may or may have not left them out about the kidnapping part. Damon nods and then looks at me. "Are you sure you can do it? I don't want you to get hurt." He says and Stefan nods. "Of course. Don't worry about me old man." I pat his shoulder and he fake gasps. "Me? An old man?! Does old men look this good?" He asks with a fake shock and then points to himself. "I don't know. Stefan should know." I say and then sprint out of there. I hear Stefan start laughing loudly and I think I broke Damon.

Laughing I go back home after some moonstone business. I get my shoes off and then walk into the kitchen. Once again I see Aunt Jenna and Alaric kissing. "Again?!" I say loudly but laugh and cover my eyes. I hear them both laugh and I lift one finger to see if I'm okay. I take my hand away and then walk further into the kitchen.

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