17 - Tour Gilbert

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Elenas POV

I woke up to a pillow straight to my face. I spring up from my bed and look at Aunt Jenna who stands there with a smirk on her face.

"C'mon sleepyhead, get ready. Mr. Smith is waiting." She teases. I get up with a smile and push her out of my room. I go to do my basic morning routine.

I put on my underwear again of course, light  blue jeans, white tanktop and my leather jacket. Pretty basic. I grab my phone and walk downstairs.

"Now, good morning AJ." I say too lazy to call Aunt Jenna by her name. She laughs and answers me: "Morning sleepyhead. Try to eat quickly, we don't have much time on our hands." I grab some cereal and eat.

I lift the spoon to my mouth really really slowly and look at Jenna while doing it. She raises a eyebrow, but can't help but smile at my teasing. "Ok ok syön nopeesti." (Ok ok I'll eat quickly") I say in Finnish. She just looks at me, already knowing that I will just say things in Finnish sometimes, even if she doesn't understand a word of it.


I do a little dance when there is a good song playing in the radio. Aunt Jenna just drives and laughs at me. I guess she doesn't appriciate a good dance.

She drives us to the meeting point. I see Elijah lean to his car. I smile and Jenna stops the car.

I jump out and close the door. I glance at Elijah, who smiles at the sight of me. I walk towards him and playfully reach my hand out.

"Hey there. My name is Elena, but please call me something you like. And I'm sorry for coming with you guys without any notice." I say, of course I know who he is and he knows who I am, but I play because of Aunt Jenna.

"Hello Elena. My name is Elijah.. Smith. And do not worry, it is a pleasure." He says with a small smirk and takes my hand. He kisses the top of it and I bite the inside of my cheek. Not a good time for fangirl moments.

"Shall we go?" Aunt Jenna asks as she joins us. We nod and start to walk to the first historical sight.


"The old Fell property actually starts just beyond that fence." Aunt Jenna points out as we walk near the Old Fell property.

"Ah, the Fells. One of the Founding Families." Elijah says with a double meaning. Aunt Jenna looks at him curiously.

"Why do you say it like that?" She asks him.

"My research showed me that this area was actually settled almost two full centuries earlier. It was a migration of townsfolk from the northeast, um, it was Salem, to be precise." Elijah explains as he glances at me. I smirk and look at the ground.

"Massachusetts? As in the witch trials?" She asks getting more curious about the subject. Elijah and I nod.

"Which means the ever-lauded founding families...didn't actually found anything." I say with a giggle and Elijah nods with a small smile.

"Well, I bet it was the men who made a big deal about being founders back in 1860. Men are very territorial." She says jokingly.

Elijah glances behind Aunt Jenna to see Alaric. Elijah nods. "Yes, they are." He says. I look at Alaric and then back at Elijah.

"Elijah, this is my friend, or lover, Alaric Saltzman." Aunt Jenna says when she notices Alaric.

"Yeah, I got your message about walking Elijah here through the old property lines. I thought I would tag along. You know being a history buff and all. Where to next?" Alaric explaining his actions.

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