19 - Signing stuff & AlariKlaus

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(I'm skipping the events that took place in 2x16 and Isobel drama because just no.)

Elenas POV

Yesterday was full of drama. Isobel came to town and a lot of stuff happened. She killed herself and Katerina got out of the tomb, even though Elijah didn't "die". Like what does this show have against me? BUT Elijah is no more going against his brother, he wants to help him with the ritual, thanks to my amazing talking skills. Aaaaaaand maybe I made a deal. Again.

He also knows about his siblings and that I could make a deal with Niklaus about them. He was worried, which melted my heart, but he loves his siblings too much.

Well she disappeard as soon as se appeard which means that Niklaus is in town.


Now I just have to keep my inner fangirl even more in check. Yeah sounds easy, right?

I also made a plan. If Niklaus is posessing Alaric's body, I'll confront him about it and talk with him about the sacrifice and siblings.

Elijah also wants to talk with him about the ritual and I just can't honestly wait.


I stretch my hands over my hed and release a really weird and loud sound.

"What the heck posessed you?!" I hear Jeremy yell and I can't help but laugh.

I get to a sitting position and yawn. Today I was supposed to sign some papers to have the boarding house in my name.

I fought Damon and Stefan about it, but they promised a permanent and always full freezer of ice cream.

I get up and take a quick shower. With a towel wrapped around my body and hair, I take my phone and go through my music.

I put on Hips Don't Lie by Shakira.

I dance and dry myself. I go through my clothes and decide but on my underwear, black tight jeans, which hugs my backside perfectly, white top and my leather jacket.

I take a hold of the towel in my hair.

"I'm on tonight, You know my hips don't lie, And I'm starting to feel it's right!" I sing along loudly and rip the towel out while swaying my hips.

I laugh and dry my hair and do my hair.

I don't do any make up or anything and I nod to my reflection

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I don't do any make up or anything and I nod to my reflection. Time to go get a free house!


Bonnie and I are with a lawyer whose name I don't remeber. Nice guy

I look down at the papers and then at the lawyer. I raise a eyebrow and motion where to sign.

"Oh sorry. Please sign here and here." He points out and I sign it, almost writing my "real" name.

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