20 - 60s dance

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A/N: Since someone asked, here is Elena's real hair color, or close to it:

A/N: Since someone asked, here is Elena's real hair color, or close to it:

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And think about some sort of outfit and hairstyle for the 60s :)

Elenas POV

I run through the door. "My british friend, I need your help!" I yell and no more than a second later Enzo is in front of me looking worried.

"What?! Are you hurt?!" He asks panic clear in his eyes.

I lean my hands to my knees and lift my pointer finger. "Wait a second."

I take more than couple deep breaths. "Okay." I say and get up to stand normally.

"I need your help. Today is the 60s dance and I need ice cream before I go in the middle of sea full of horny teenagers." I say still out of breath.

His face falls and he looks really unamused. "And here I thought you were in serious trouble Angel." He sighs.

"What! It is serious! Mystic Falls has never a party without drama! But thankfully He is going to be there with his fancy suits and amazing hair!" I say and pout.

He sighs again but straightens up after my comment about him. He raises a eyebrow in a protective manner.

I bite my lip and give him my best puppy eyes. He groans and puts a hand in front of my face to block the look.

I peek under it and he sighs loudly. "I'll get the ice cream." He says and turns around towards the kitchen.


I look at myself from the mirror on the wall. "Why did I agree to this?" I ask Enzo who is behind me.

Enzo shrugs but continues to do my hair. After I released him, he wanted to pay back somehow so we made a deal.

He learned and learns more every day how he can do my hair. And I just love it.

"And... Done." He says proudly and smiles. I look at myself.

"Thank you so much." I say excited and turn around. I jump to him and hug him tight.

"You are welcome Angel. But now up you go." He pats my back and I get off him.

"Wish me luck." I kiss his cheek, put on my leather jacket over the costume and leave the house.


I stare at the high school with narrowed eyes. In my mind I'm having an argument.

A hand lands on my shoulder. I jump and whip around to see laughing Damon.

I glare and pout at him, while trying to get my heartbeat to slow down.

"I'll get you back somehow." I narrow my eyes and he smiles.

"You look good Moony." He compliments and I crack a smile.

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