11 - Information & Coins

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Elenas POV

After Damon and Stefan saved me, they kind of forced me to stay with them for the night. I was okay with it, at least I got to sleep in a huge comfy bed again. And I hit Damon, not that hard, but didn't give him a reason.

I sit in my bed looking straight ahead. I woke up like an hour ago, but I think I broke myself. Definately not a morning person. I shake my head after I come back from my trip to my own head. I yawn and just roll of the bed to the floor. I close my eyes and sigh.

I hear knocking on the door and a voice which belongs to Stefan ask: "Hey Lena you okay? I heard a thump or something." He asks from the other side of the door. "Yeah yeah, absolutely perfect." I yawn again and get up. "Ok. Could you come downstaris? There's something we need to talk." He says and leaves after I say yes. I drag myself to shower.

I wash myself and get a little bit energy from it. I go to back to guest room/my room that I stole. I open a small closet where are some clothes Damon and Stefan bought for me. I look at my choices and decide on, after underwear of course, black sweatpants and a white tanktop. I put my hair in a bun and take one of the fluffy blankets around me.

I walk downstairs like a fluffy tortilla. "Morning Salvabros." I say with a tired undertone and walk to the living room. I see Damon, Rose, Stefan and Trevor there. "Oh. Hi Rose, hi still headed Trevor." I wave at them and they cautiosly and confused waves back. "Whatever it is, I need food." I say and walk to kitchen. I hear Damon warn them about getting between me and my food. Or my ice cream.

I make some cereal and go back to them. I sit next to Rose and whisper to her ear: "Do not tell them about Nik-... Klaus, I have plan. Please. I can get you daylight rings." She looks at me with wide eyes and nods. She tells Trevor the same thing and he nods too.

"So what did you want to tell us?" Stefan asks Rose. She looks at me while I just eat my cereal. "We.... uhm..." Rose starts and Trevor takes lead. "We wanted to ask if we could stay here for a couple of days? No trouble would come from us and we will be gone in a couple of days." Trevor says and Rose nods. I giggle, but hide it behind the cup. Stefan agrees and Damon too after a couple valid points.

I jump up. "Okay. I'll go home now. Daaaaamooooooon, could you please take me home? And also I'll do as I said." I point Rose and Trevor. "Thanks for the cereal again." I smile and take my stuff away. With the stolen planket I go wait it Damons car. Meeting with Katerina is useless, so let's just go straight to business.


We got to my home quickly and I run straight inside. I go to my laptop and open craigslist. I make a new ad to contact Niklaus.
Dear Nik,
I have the secrect incridient to break the wrong your momma did, what feels like 1000 years ago. She is more than ready for you to do what must be done. We also have the rock and individuals who are more than welcome to attend. You just have to come back here where it all began. Please have some trust, I promise you I will do everything for you to break it.
With love,
Better than Tatia or Katerina.

I laugh to myself how stupid it is but still affective. I publish it and I hope he comes here. If not well I don't know, maybe Elijah can help me.



At the same time while Elena contacts her supposed to be enemy, Damon, Rose and Trevor are parking the car in a underground parking lot in Richmond. Damon wanted more information about everything. "Back entrance. How convenient." Damon rolls his eyes. "That's the point. We can't all have little daylight rings." Rose rolls her own eyes. "Well atleast not now..." Trevor says to Rose quietly enough that Damon can't hear. Rose smiles to Trevor. "How do you know this Slater guy is even here?" Damon asks doubtfully. Rose looks at him. "I called him. He's here. He's always here." She assures Damon. "Good." Damon nods and grabs Rose by her collar and pushes her against the wall at super speed.

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