5 - Katherine is back

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Elenas POV

Okay let me tell you what has been happening: First of all we had our little dinner party with Bonnie, Stefan and I actually invited Damon and we had honestly good time. The brothers acted nice and we bonded and we actually came pretty close to each other. Not in a romantic way, but like a sibling kind of realtionship. I told them about my "abilities" to see future etc. The whole Vicki thing happened and Bonnie knows that she is a witch too. I talked, well forced, Damon out of the idea about killing Lexi and she is alive. "I found out" about Katherine and we talked, instead of me running away like an idiot. But I did crash my car because of that weird guy which we killed in the end. So that's how me and Damon had a nice trip to Georgia and it was honestly really fun. We opened the tomb with the help of Bonnie and Bree, so that we could save Grams. But turned out she did die different way even when I tried to help. Bonnie blamed me for a while for not doing enough, but when I explained everything to her she calmed down. We dealt with the tomb vampires before they got out. We freed Harper and Pearl and helped them settle down. They left town with Anna. Alaric came to town after Damon killed Mr. Tanner, and we explained everything about Isobel to him. And him sort of being my step-dad. We talked and he is not a bad guy, even tho his actor. We bonded too. Jenna and Jeremy knows about the supernatural and what my part is in the whole thing. And John came to town and we had a talk about him being my father and I decided to give him a chance. What, I miss my real dad. And Stefan did not get kidnapped because there were none of the tomb vampires so he did not go all blood thirsty. But somehow Mayor Lockwood/Council got their hands on the watch and that's how Mayor died BUT Tyler, Matt and Caroline did not crash their car. But fricking somehow Caroline still ended up in the hospital, like just how?! So there's that. And Katherine stabbed John and cut off his fingers so he is too in the hospital. And Jeremy did not try to kill himself, because Anna is alive and they did not really have that spark. What else..... Oh! I also told Caroline and Tyler about supernatural and what Tyler is. So now we are at the beginning of season 2. Oof.


After John was taken care of, I rush to the hospital and go to Bonnie. "Hey Bon, how's Care?" I ask her. "She's weak. They don't know if she's going to make it." Bonnie sniffels. "What? What even happened to her?" I ask and shake my head. Bonnie wraps me in a hug and holds me. Damon walks to us. "Damon... I know you don't like her that much but could you please feed her some blood. That we know she survives? Please?" I beg him and look at him. "Hey don't worry, just enough to heal her. She will be safe in the hospital and it will be out of her system in a day." I nod to him and wrap him into a hug. I can tell he is surprised but hugs me back. "Do it." Bonnie agrees too. "This is Caroline. We can't let her die. Do it." Bonnie says again. "If I do this, you and me, call a truce?" Bonnie looks at Damon and sighs. "Maybe. But you'll do it anyway. For Elena." She mutters and leaves us. "Thank you Damon." I was still hugging him. To be honest I definetly need a hug. Maybe ten. "You are welcome Moony." I huff at his nickname for me. I may or may not have sneak out to look at the moon and all the stars. Once it was full moon, even tho I am human, Damon and Stefan almost locked me up in their place. I can't wait for their reaction when they found out that I'm willing to do the sacrifice. Oops...

Damon and I are at my house. I go in and I see Stefan on the floor there. "What happened? What are you doing here?" I offer my hand and he grabs it and jumps up. "Katherine happened." Damon and Stefan says at the same time and they go to kitchen. "Did she say what she wanted?" Damon asks Stefan. "No." Stefan answers back. "That woman certainly knows how to make an entrance." Damon snorts. "She said she fooled one of us, at least. What does that mean?" Stefan asks. Damon shrugs. I sit down at one of the chairs.

"Katherine wants you dead; there's zero you can do about it; you would be dead but you're not. So clearly she has other plans." Damon says and puts a hand on my shoulder. Stefan nods and says: "Right and we need to find out what those other plans are and not provoke her in the process." I nod laughing. If only they knew.

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