38 - I need a therapist

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Elena's POV

I look out the window as dad drives the car.

I feel my phone vibrate once again and I glance at it.

I put it on silent and ignore yet another call from both Elijah and Niklaus.

I sort of just left without another word after my talk with Kol.

Well I texted Jeremy, but that's all and he promised not to tell anyone.

I just need some space and peace, even tho I feel awful about ignoring them.

But at this point is has gone to the point that I'm too anxious to even answer if I wanted to.

Well on the otherhand Elijah sort of deserves it, but Niklaus hasn't done anything bad.

"Are you okay?" Dad asks with a small smile.

"Yeah. Are we there yet?" I ask with a grin.

Dad shakes his head with a laugh. "Soon. Why don't you sleep for a moment."

I shrug and lean against the window. I close my eyes and take a deep breath in.

Soon I fall asleep as the car's movements lull me to sleep.


I open my eyes after feeling a small breeze of wind tickle my skin.

"Huh." I smile softly as I look at the familiar scene in front of me.

I was back in the field and I felt more peaceful than ever.

Blue and Red fly to me instantly and I smile.

"It feels good to be back." I whisper quietly.

"Welcome back." A voice startels me and I spin around to see a figure with it's hood on.

"You scared me." I laugh slightly. "What are you doing here?" I question the figure with a small tilt of my head.

"I'm here to teach you." They say and wave slightly their hand to the ground.

I take the hint and sit down. They sit in front of me and I tilt my head, trying to see inside the hood.

"Let's start." They say in a calm voice.

I spend a while with them learning about my new abilities.

It turns out I'm a core witch now. They said something about turning, but didn't say anything else on that matter which made me very scared and excited.

They taught me some basic things that I should know and I now can control very mildly fire and water. It's amazing and I feel like a badass.

I see the scenery start to fade slightly. I turn to look at them with a sad look.

"Your body is being waken up. Practice your gift and don't worry about life too much. It was great to work with you." They say with a soft voice.

"It was. Thank you so much." I say to them as they start to fade away.

"Wait! Who are you?" I call after them.

They put a finger in front of their face and fade away.

I look down at the bunny on my lap and the two others on my sides.

"Looks like I have to go." I whisper and close my eyes, letting the darkness guide me again.


I feel hands gently shaking me.

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