12 - "Sacrifice" for entertaiment

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Elenas POV

After all the blooming drama I just wanted one opprtunity to eat my ice cream and watch Prison Break in peace while being comfortable in my Winnie The Pooh jumper. But no. First I felt someone close to my room, possibly Jonas what I remember from the episode. But in top of that, I hear something from outside and I take my ice cream with me and use my spoon as a weapon.

I quietly walk in the hallway and I check Jeremys room that he is okay. I hear something behind me and I turn around and swing my spoon towards the voice. It hits Alaric on the head and both of us gasps in surprise. So this is what I forgot. "What the heck Ric?!" I whisper-yell and put a hand on my heart. He takes deep breaths and rubs his head where the spoon hit him.

"Ow! ....Elena." Alaric clears his throat and lowers the his own ice cream bowl to shield his lower region which thanks to earth is covered by his boxers. I quickly put a hand to shield my view from Alaric's body. "I think I heard something. I thought I could be a ninja or something." I try to joke, but I think I'm already traumatized. Alaric chuckles but he is still clearly embarrassed.

Jenna walks up the stairs, wearing Alaric's shirt. She looks at me and her eyes widened. She runs her hand through her hair, embarrassed as well. "That was us. I'm sorry." She says and I can see a blush cover her cheecks. "Yeah..." I say nodding slowly. Without, or I kind of knew but anyway, my knowledge Jonas collects some of my hair and jewerly. He even takes one of old pictures of OG Elena and flees the scene. Creep.

"We didn't think anyone else was up." Alaric says and looks between me and Jenna. "But here you are." She laughs akwardly. Alaric nods and says: "We were just-". He sighs when they could not get any good explanation.

He holds out his bowl of ice cream. "Chunky Monkey?" He asks. I laugh silently and rise my own ice cream. "Yeah no thanks." I can't help but giggle. Alaric laughs as well and glances at Jenna. "Well... Nice jumper by the way. Yeah I'm naked. So I'm gonna go." Alaric says quickly and starts to walk past me. "Thanks. And sorry for hitting you with a spoon!" I say after him and he just waves it off. He enters Jennas bedroom and I look at her with a giggle.

"I'm really really sorry." Jenna says and scratches the back of her neck. "It's okay Aunt Jenna. Don't worry. He makes you happy, more so, he makes us happy." I smile at her. Aunt Jenna smiles back and quickly hugs me before she goes back to her room. With a small smile I go back to eat my ice cream and watch my favorite show. Well at least for a while after I ate my ice cream I fell asleep.


I wake up still in my Winnie The Pooh jumper and my stuffed animal tightly in my hands. Call me childish, but I love them endless. I yawn many times before I jump up. I see my laptop almost falling of the bed so I quickly rush towards it and I caught it on time. I fall down on the floor with a small victory dance.

I put the laptop away and I get off my beautiful outfit. I take a quick shower and put on my clothes. White jeans, blue shirt and my leather jacket. And underwear of course. Now it's time to talk to Rose. Even though I don't even need to contact Niklaus through Slater, I want to see Elijah rip some hearts out. So let's just think it as a useless sacrifice for entertaiment. Now I just sound like a psychopath. Oh well, wouldn't be the first time.


I knock at the Salvatore house door and go in. This time I'm greeted by a clothed Rose and... missing Trevor? Hmphm. "You could at least inform me-..." Rose trails out and sees me. "Sorry, probably not the person you were looking for. But I'm more fun than them. So. Would you be up for a trip to visit our buddy Slater?" I ask her and jump up and down. She looks at me for a moment and I do my puppy eyes. She says yes and I tell her about my plan. She sighs and to the adventure we go!

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