45 - Spending Time With Him

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Elena's POV

This time I actually wake up alone in the bed.

With a small smirk I roll onto my stomach. I take everything out of the situation and stretch into a starfish position taking the whole bed.

I sigh happily and close my eyes. I let my mind wander free and my body just relax. After a while I roll back to my back and to a normal position.

We should know at this point, when have I gotten a relaxing moment more than ten minutes.

I hear the door open and a familiar scent fill my nose. A small smile grows on my face as a safe feeling surrounds me.

The bed dips and I feel somebody slowly pull the blanket off my body.

I shudder as cold air hits my skin. I feel a small kiss on my ankle. Slowly the kisses travel up my legs, lingering over my tighs, traveling across my stomach to between my breasts all the way to my face. I feel small soft kisses all over my face.

"Hello Elijah." I say softly and open my eyes to see Elijah hovering over me with his arms on the either side of my head.

"Hello princess." He says in a rough whisper and I shudder under him. Oh the butterflies.

"What have I done to earn this treat?" I ask with a laugh and watch as Elijah smirks.

Yeah, you know, I'll just give up on breathing now.

A knowing glint appears in his eyes when my heartbeat quickens up.

I decide to put lil' ol' Elijah back to his place.

I wrap my legs around his and switch our places. I put his hands over his head and enjoy the slight shock in his eyes.

"You very nice like this." I purr and Elijah licks his lips and clears his throat.

I lean down and kiss him. Elijah answers the kiss with new kind of softness.

"I love you Elena. You know that right?" He asks with a whisper.

I smile softly and let go of his hands. I wrap my arms around his chest and Elijah wraps his around my chest.

"I love you too Elijah." I whisper and rest my chin on top of his chest while I look up to him.

"Good. Now can we-" Elijah grunts as I wiggle my hips.

"Oops." I giggle and watch as Elijah's eyes darkens.

I grin at him and after another movement I quickly step out of his hold and stand up.

"What are you going to do about it?" I keep my grin and watch as Elijah slowly loosens up his tie.

"Oh shiet."


I hold my breath as I lean against the wall. I listen for any footsteps and as I don't hear any I tiptoe quietly around the corner.

I am suddenly grabbed from the behind and held against a firm chest.

"Found you." Elijah whispers in my ear and I huff.

"I was so close." I mumble and cross my arms over my chest.

"You have improved with your hearing. I am very proud of." Elijah says softly and kisses the under of my ear.

I nearly melt at the praise and take a breath in.

"Yet I still lost." I huff and Elijah turns me around. He taps the back of my tighs and I jump up, wrapping my legs around his waist.

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