40 - Trying to spend time together

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Elena's POV

For the first time I have been in this universe, I actually woke up before Niklaus.

I blink my eyes and try to get my eyesight back to normal. I feel strong arms around my waist and I turn my head slightly as I can't help the smile creeping on my face.

I look at Niklaus who was sleeping peacefully with a small smile on his face.

I very slowly turn around and admire his relaxed form. I very gently trail my finger along his face.

I close my eyes again and press my forehead against his chest. I feel more relaxed than ever. I let my thoughts wander around and I feel the familar buzz under my skin.

I smile softly and sought out to the beautiful feeling. I open my eyes and see a light red aura swirl between Niklaus and I.

I gasp quietly and reach my hand out to touch it. It dissolves into nothing and I bite my lip. I shall look into that.

I kiss Niklaus on the cheek and carefully get up from the bed. I walk to the bathroom and clean myself slightly. I'll take a shower a bit later. I put my panties on and throw Niklaus' shirt on.

I walk downstairs as quietly as I can. I go to the kitchen and start to make breakfast for him.

Niklaus has done so much for me, it was time I do something to him. Even if it was a simple breakfast.

I make some pancakes and take a cup. I reach out to take a blood bag, but stop and smile slightly when an idea pops into my head.

I take a knife from one of the knife-rack-things and do a little swirl with it trying to be cool.

I do a cut on my palm and let my blood drip into the cup. As the cup fills up I watch with a small smile as the white mist heals the cut.

I put all of the stuff into a tray and walk back upstairs. I enter Niklaus' room and see him still fast asleep.

I quietly walk over to him, put the tray to the nightstand and kiss his cheek.

I take my clothes off and go inside the shower. I enjoy the warm water and sigh blissfully as my muscles relax.

I wash myself well. As the water rinses off the soap I glance down at my body. I remember the first time I had to shower in this body.

I giggle slightly and shake my head. I turn the water off and step outside the shower. I wrap myself to a fluffy towel and sigh happily.

I walk back to the bedroom and smile softly at Niklaus. He was still sleeping, which was a miracle seeing how paranoid he was and I still made a lot of noise for a vampire. He was hugging a pillow and I pout how cute he looks.

I walk into his closet and take the one pair of clothes I always keep in his closet. I put my underwear on, black sweatpants and a baby blue hoodie.

I go back to the room and sit on the bed. I feel the bed slightly move and turn to look at Niklaus as his eyes open slightly.

He looks around sleepily before his eyes meets mine. He smiles lazily and lays his head back on the pillows.

"Morning Nik." I whisper and lay down next to him.

"Morning love." He mumbles in a rough sleepy voice. He closes his eyes and opens them couple of times.

"How did you sleep?" I ask and he pulls me closer to him snuggling against my chest. I giggle at him and run my hair through his hair.

He sighs and his body is fully relaxed. He looks up at me and gives me a genuine dimpled smile.

"That was the best sleep I have had in a very long time." He says softly and closes his eyes again, enjoying the comfort from being close to my body.

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