37 - Birthday & Chat

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Elena's POV

So nothing really happened last night after our heated moment.

Yes we made out for a while but that's it. We fell asleep and I had the best sleep ever.

Me falling a sleep horny and satisfied at the same time could also be reason why.

I feel once again kisses all along my upper body, going from my neck to my shoulders and back again.

I giggle slightly and look up from the pillow I was squeezing tightly in my arms.

Elijah smiles down at me and I turn my head over my shoulder.

"Good morning love." Niklaus says with a small smirk on his lips and pulls my back tighter against his chest while I lay on my side.

"Huomenta." ("Morning.") I say with a small smile.

"Happy birthday." Elijah and Niklaus say at the same time and my eyes widenes.

"It's my birthday?"

Elijah raises an eyebrow and slowly strokes my tigh with his fingers.

I clear my throat and take a deep breath in. "I mean, thank you."

No matter how many times they do something like that, my body always reacts to it. Duh.

"You didn't remember your birthday?" Niklaus asks with a small chuckle as he gives small kisses to my neck.

"Meh, I never really celebrated it and now I just didn't know." I shrug slightly and shudder as Niklaus finds my sweet spot.

I feel his smirk on my neck and I look at Elijah who is also smirking slightly.

"Today is only going to be about you princess." Elijah says and kisses my forehead.

My phone starts to ring and I look at Elijah with puppy eyes.

He smiles and reaches behind him. The blanket drops from his chest and I bite my lip.

"Daamn." I say with a small laugh as I take my phone and answer it.

"Hi Damon." I say and turn to lay on my back.

"Happy birthday little sister!" Damon and Enzo say from the other side.

I laugh and shake my head. "Thank you."

"I will go make you some breakfast." Elijah whispers to me and kisses my cheek.

"Thank you. I'm expecting it to arrive in 15 minutes." Damon says from the other side and I cover my mouth with my hand.

Niklaus smirks and lays his head on my chest and wraps his arms around my waist.

I giggle behind my hand and I could feel Damon's smirk.

"A real shame. Did Enzo not feed you enough last night?" Elijah asks and walks out of the room.

I burst out laughing and even Niklaus chuckles against my chest.

I hear Enzo laughing in the background as Damon splutters something.

I take a deep breath in. "I-" I burst out laughing again.

"Yeah yeah laugh it off Moony. Geez. Happy birthday loser, I love you." Damon says.

I giggle. "I love you too Damon." I end the call and put my phone down.

I look at Niklaus and he turns to look at me. He smiles and I slowly run my hand through his hair.

Niklaus puts his head back down and sighs in content. He is like a big puppy.

"This is supposed to be your day. I actually have a surprise for you Love." He says and get's up from the bed.

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