14 - Werewolfs & Another Vision

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Elenas POV

Okay so let me tell you what has happened. Rose did not get bitten by Jules, so that's a very big plus. Stefan still contacted Isobel and I didn't do anything about it. Putting it nicely, I don't like Isobel. But on the bright side Dad aka John came back which I'm happy for. I missed him. Jules tried to get Tyler on her side or something like that, I don't know. He activited his curse earlier while Mason was here and he knows Mason is alive. Damon and Andie happened, no comment on that. Carol made the memorial happen and John played his part, he is actually not that negative about vampires anymore after we had a long talk. And well that leaves us to this moment. That werewolf, who I'm gladly to give to Niklaus for his ritual, kidnapped me because I made sure Caroline is safe. Let's just say they are not nice.

I groan again and slowly open my eyes. My head hurts like heck and the world around me is spinning. I look around me and I'm actually in a cage in what I think is Brady's RV. Brady comes in and just smiles like a maniac, then leaves. Tf man? I close my eyes and pray for Damon and Stefan, or even Jones to help me out a little.


While Elena was caged in the RV, Stefan  is talking with Tyler about Jules and Mason. Stefan's phone rings in middle of their conservation. The caller ID says Elena. He picks up the phone and glances at Tyler who shrugs his shoulders.

"Hey Lena. Is everything okay?" Stefan asks. "That depends. How badly do you want to keep her alive?" Jules says on the other side of the phone. Stefan takes the phone from his ear and makes sure it's Elena who is calling him. He puts the phone back to his ear.

"Who is this?" He asks getting slightly worried. "Ask your brother. Where's Tyler?" Stefan looks at Tyler. "Jules? Where's Elena?" He asks trying to stay calm for his little sister. "You made a mistake, Stefan. I'm gonna give you a chance to fix it." Jules says to Stefan. "Where is she?" Stefan asks not caring about Jules. "Right here. Want proof?" Jules asks and walks into the RV with Brady where Elena is still all locked up.

"He needs proof." Jules says to Brady who smiles maniacly. Brady lifts a gun on his hand and shoots Elena in the stomach. She screams and falls on the floor on her side holding to her stomach. Elena gasps for breath.

"What's happening?" Tyler asks Stefan after seeing his outraged and worried expression. "Hurt her again and you're dead." Stefan says through gritted teeth. "I hurt her again, and she's dead. Bring Tyler to me, the clearing by Wickery Falls. You have 20 minutes until she dies." Jules counters back and hangs up the call. She looks at Elena and leaves with Brady laughing. Leaving a bleeding and praying Elena.

Stefan panics after Jules hangs up the call. He calls Damon and starts to explain the situation to him. Damon get's ready to harm some werewolfs badly for harming his little sister.


Elenas POV

The pain in my stomach was crushing. I bite my lip and pray for something to help me in this situation. I close my eyes and keep preassure in my wound. Slowly everything comes down and I pass out.


I wake up in a beautiful field filled with white flowers. I slowly look around me and get up. I look down and see I'm in a beautiful white dress and I have a flower wreath in my head. There are two butterflies resting in the wreath. One beautiful blue and one amazing red. My long hair flows freely and I feel free and calm.

I take a deep breath and start to walk through the field my fingers touching the flowers softly. I stop in the middle of the field and I hear something move towards me. It doesn't feel threating so I stay calm and turn around.

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