30 - Advice & Serious Talk

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Elenas POV

I knock on the door and wait for them to open.

Soon Kol opens the door with a small smirk.

"Hello Lena." He greets me and turns to look at Jeremy. "Little Gilbert." Kol smirks even more.

Jeremy sighs and turns to me. "Why are we even here?"

I giggle and shake my head.

Kol moves out of our way and we walk inside.

"Where are the others?" I ask as we go to the living room.

"Rebekah is probably shopping, Finn is... I don't really know? Elijah went to visit Klaus and they are coming home soon." Kol tells us and I nod.

"Okay." I say with a small smile.

"Just a second." Kol says and walks over to the kitchen.

I flop down to the couch and Jeremy stands there akwardly. He knew that he could trust the Mikaelsons with his sister, but it didn't mean that he was completely comfortable around them.

"I reasearched some old grimoires and there is couple of possibilities." Kol comments as he comes back with a ice cream tube and spoon.

I look at Kol with a big smile and take the ice cream he is offering me.

"Sit down Jeremy." Kol waves his hand around and sits next to me.

Jeremy sits down and plays with his Gilbert ring, which is not "cursed" like the one Alaric had.

"I did some research too. If someone dies and a witch brings them back, the victim could randomly see spirits. But it doesn't make sense since Remy hasn't died." I tell Kol and tap the spoon on my lip in thought.

Kol hums and nods slowly.

"Holy crap. I sort of did!" I say with wide eyes and turn to look at Kol.

"The ritual." Kol jumps up and speeds out of the room.

I turn to Jeremy. "But it doesn't make any sense why you see them." I nibble on my bottom lip.

Kol speeds back with three grimoires and journals. He gives one to each of us.

"Let's look through these and see if there is even a tiniest bit of imformation. I called a witch I came across and she is helping us." Kol says.

Jeremy nods and starts to read through

I nod and with big curious eyes look over the cover.

I take a deep breath in and sigh with a small smile. I feel the old book buzz with something that I can't catch on.

I open the book and look over the pages.

Slowly I fall to my own world with the journal.


"Again, nothing." Kol mumbles as he drops the last book down.

Jeremy left to deal with some stuff, I don't exactly know what as I was so deep in my own world.

"I'm going to see if there is any more of them." Kol points to the journals.

"Uh-huh." I mumble as I turn into another page.

Kol speeds out and interested I look at the journal.

I look at a really old spell and slowly trace my finger in the air with a small smile.

I did not except it to do anything, but I felt something buzz under my skin.

I look up from the book and with wide eyes stare at a small fire figure dance around me.

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