15 - Tea Party

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Elenas POV

I wake up from my peaceful sleep. I don't even know if I have ever slept that good, or that will I ever sleep that good again. It was just amazing. I feel amazing.

I get up from the bed and do my morning routine. I go to my closet, ready to put some clothes on. I put on my white lace underwear, blue jeans, white top and a light gray long cardigan. I glance out of the window and see the two butteflies still there.

I put my hair in a waterfall braid
I fluff my hair with a smile and open the balcony doors to let the Blue and Red inside. They instantly fly to me and I put my finger out. They land on my finger and I lift my finger to my head and they fly to the top of my head. I look at myself in the mirror and nod. Time to start the day.


I walk downstairs and make some breakfast. I hear Andie and Damon being all want to be in love and I fake gag, knowing Damon can hear me. I want him to be happy without any playthings.

I eat my cereal in piece and after a while Alaric and Damon enters the house again. I hear the only thing I don't want to hear, Damon having the dagger. My eyes widened and I run to the living room with my bowl, because food is important.

"You have the dagger?! How?!" I ask and they turn to me with wide eyes. "What... How do you... How did you even hear us? And what's with the butterflies...?" Alaric mutters and Damon just tries to say something. "No way in earth are we going to dagger Elijah. So. The dagger please." I reach my hand out. "But Elena, we can't trust him." Damon says. I hold the bowl and facepalm with my free hand.

"No. Shut it. The dagger. Or I will destroy everything starting with your collection." I say with narrowed eyes. His eyes widened even more. "You wouldn't." He says challenging. I turn around and start to walk towards the stairs.

Damon flashes in front of me and hands out the dagger. "You are a mean woman." He narrows his eyes and I smile sweetly. "And you are a stupid vampire." I kiss his cheek and quickly run away to the kitchen. I take couple spoonfuls and then wash it. I leave the house with a Tea Party to attend and a dagger to give. I walk towards home.


I change my clothes to a little bit daring dress.

I put white shorts under the dress and then leave to the Tea Party with Blue and Red still flying close to me and sometimes resting

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I put white shorts under the dress and then leave to the Tea Party with Blue and Red still flying close to me and sometimes resting.



The Historical Society's Tea Party has commenced. Elijah and Carol are speaking with each other as they sip their tea like true fancy people. "Have you spent much time in Richmond for your book? There's such a wealth of history there." Carol asks Elijah, who pretends to be a writer named Elijah Smith. Elijah shakes his head. "No, I'm focusing mostly on the smaller regions of Virginia. Lots of research. Strictly academic." He explains. Carol nods faking curiosity. "That's fascinating."

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