42 - Not You

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Elena's POV

I groan slightly as I feel the thumping inside my head grow stronger.

I open one of my eyes slightly but close it as flash of pain runs through me from the bright lights.

"What....?" I trail out and go to move my arms to feel them tied up.

I slowly open my eyes and see everything through a blur. I shake my head and take a deep breath in.

I turn to look at my arms that are tied over my head holding me on my feet. Something burns my wrists as I try to wiggle out.

With a quiet groan I reach out for my magic to feel nothing but a small buzz, like something was preventing me from getting to it. I was left with only a reminder of a buzz under my skin and a worried presence on the back of my head.

"What in the muffins is this..." I mumble and look around. I'm locked up somewhere. All I see is a lot of stone.

"This reminds me of a some very interesting video..." I whisper out loud.

I shake my legs one at the time to feel them slightly and relax against the wall. This went well.

As I try to relax I see two very familiar butterflies. "Please. Go get them." I whisper and watch as they fly away.

Now I can only hope for the best.



Niklaus looks at himself through a mirror and smiles slightly. After the time he has been alive, a simple date doesn't shake him much.

But this date was special to him. It made the original hybrid feel all giddy inside. He never felt giddy.

All the while the hybrid is stuck in his own mind, Elijah tries yet again to call their beloved.

After the seventh ring and fifth call somebody finally answers. "Uhm hello?" A voice says from the other side.

"Who is this?" Elijah asks standing straighter when a male he doesn't recognize answers his Elena's phone.

"Oh I'm Sirius, Elena's friend, I guess?" The Black chuckles slightly while James facepalms next to his best friend.

"Why do you have Elena's phone?" The older Mikaelson asks as he shares a look with his younger brother who just walked into the room.

"We stole it." A light smack could be heard and another voice on the phone.

"I'm sorry about Sirius. It's James Potter. We ran into Elena earlier today and we decided to get some food. She got a call, I guess it was you who called her, a more than while ago. She didn't come back for a very long time, so we actually came to look and saw her phone on the ground and now we are here." James takes a deep breath after rambiling on.

Elijah furrows his eyebrows. "Are you saying you do not know where she is?"

James shares a look with Sirius while carefully answering the Mikaelson. "No..."

"She never leaves her phone behind... Not even on accident." Niklaus comments quietly, not knowing how to react, destroy the first thing he can get his hands on or go and kill some people.

Elijah seeing the expression on his brothers face clears his throat. He makes a deal with the two to meet in the Mikaelson mansion.

Niklaus takes his phone out too, calling out to the rest of their siblings.

Something was not right.


"So you are telling me that Elena disappeared in a middle of the day probably in the most busy place in Mystic Falls?" Kol asks with a frown.

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