22 - Mikaelson Family

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Elenas POV

I smash my hand towards the lovely sound of my alarm clock.

When it comes to my luck, my hand misses the clock and lands harshly on the nightstand.

I quickly jump out of the bed and wave my hand all around.

"Tyhmä herätyskello ja tyhmä käsi." ("Stupid alarm clock and stupid hand.") I mutter in Finnish.

I glare at my hand for a while and then turn to the still ringing clock.

I turn it off and take my blanket. I wrap myself around it like a tortilla.

I look to my window where Blue and Red were resting.

"Morning little ones." I smile softly and then turn to my closet.

I had a shower last night so that's not needed. I look for clothes to put on.

I just stare at the closet filled with different clothes.

"When did dressing up become this challenging?" I ask quietly to myself.

"Now I'm talking to myself." I sigh and furrow my eyebrows.

"Maybe I should find Cami faster..." I tap my chin as I think out loud.

A sudden knock at the door makes me jump.

"Come in." I say and turn slightly towards the door.

Jeremy peeks in and raises a eyebrow at me.

"Who are you talking to?" He asks amused.

"To my seven personalities." I grin widely and he chuckles.

"Well you shall continue your highness." He says and fakes a bow.

I laugh and mock a bow back. He laughs too.

He turns to leave. "Love you Lena." He says over his shoulder, leaves my room AND CLOSES MY DOOR.

"LOVE YOU TOO REMY!" I yell after him and chuckle.

I turn back to my clothes and bite my lip in thought.

I start to wiggle some random moves, other known as dancing when somebody actually can do it, while looking.

I finally decide what to put on, after close to 10 arguments with myself and my moods.

I throw the blanket back to my bed and take off my PJ's.

I wear blue jeans, white sweater and my precious leather jacket.

I do a braid-crown and leave couple strands of hair out to the front.

I go to the window and reach my finger out for the butterflies.

They fly to my finger and I lift it to my hair.

Red flies to my hair, but Blue flies to my shoulder.

With all my stuff I go downstairs and think what to eat.

Today was free of school and I promised to meet up with Elijah and Niklaus.

I make basic toast, but one of them just have to burn. It's not my morning.

I try again and it comes out okay. I eat it farily quickly.

I drink some water and clean my stuff so AJ don't have to.

I glance at the clock and my eyes widened. I promised to see Damon at the Grill before I met up with the Mikaelsons.

"Frick." I say and start to run towards the door.

Well, I tried to run towards the door.

My foot hit one of the chair legs and I full on yeeted to the floor.

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