35 - Unexpected Guests

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Elena's POV

I look at the pair for a hot minute. Did I hit my head?

Yes, definitely Ben Barnes and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Holy muffins.

"I know I'm hot, but could I get a name first?" Sirius winks at me and I snap out of my head.

"I'm Elena Gilbert. Most call me like a nickname or something though, so feel free to make up one." I say with a small smile.

I take a deep breath in and try to stay calm. It's so hard to not fangirl right now.

Harry Potter has always been a comfort movie to me and now there stands younger version of my first ever occurance with daddy issues.

Only difference was, that Sirius had shorter hair here. It was still pretty long, but not that long.

"So, what are you guys doing here?" I ask trying to make up some conversation after I realised I was being quiet again.

"We actually moved here recently." This time it was James who did the talking.

"Just you two?" I ask carefully, not wanting to strike a nerve or anything.

James nods and Sirius looks to the ground for a moment before sending me a wolfish grin.

"No, just us." He says with a smirk and yet another wink.

"Cool." I smile slightly and I feel someone behind me.

A hand wraps around my waist and I'm pulled against a chest.

I look slightly up to see Niklaus standing there with narrowed eyes.

"Is something wrong here?" He asks with a cold voice.

I roll my eyes. "You really have to be the alpha male huh?"

I tease Niklaus who looks down at me. "Why of course Love."

I turn back to James and Sirius who are looking between us.

"I'm sorry, this is Niklaus Mikaelson."

"Klaus Mikaelson." Niklaus corrects himself and I mock him with a small grin.

Sirius grins while James hides his smile behind his hand.

"This is Sirius Black and James Potter." I tell Niklaus with a excited smile.

"Nothing is wrong here. We are new to town and wanted to introduce ourselves to the people here." Sirius says and sends another wink towards me.

Jeez Sirius keep it in your pants.

I feel Niklaus' hold on me tighten. I draw small circles to his arm and I feel him slighlty relax.

"Maybe I could show you around the town or something?" I ask with a small tilt of my head. "Well honestly I just need friends."

Sirius barks a laugh and James smirks.

"We would love that." James says with a smile.

"Wait." I take a random paper and write my number on it.

"Take this, text me when you want to see around here. And I hope you feel welcome here and enjoy the ball." I give them a warm smile.

Sirius takes the paper from my hands and nods.

"Will do. Let's go Pr- James." Sirius says and they quickly leave.

Holy crap. Breathe woman.

"Why did you have to give them your number?" Niklaus grumbles from behind me as he pulls me even closer to his chest.

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