39 - Oh Nik

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Elena's POV

"I'll be alright. I love you too." I chuckle slightly and close the car door.

I turn to look at the Mikaelson Mansion and sigh with a cringe. I'm in deep shiet when I walk in through those doors.

I walk to the door and slowly as I can I open it, trying to be quiet as possible.

I turn around and quietly pull the door closed.

Not long when I hear a 'whoosh'. I sigh and slowly turn around to see Niklaus.

His hair was a mess, like he has ran his hand through it a lot and he glared at me while standing couple meters away.

"Hi..." I whisper and fiddle with my fingers as I feel nerves fill my body. The whole house was quiet, signaling that we were the only ones here.

His eyes softenes after a moment of silence and he takes two large steps and pulls me into his arms.

His hold is tight and he puts his face on my neck breathing in deeply.

"Nik..." I whisper and hug him tightly, enjoying the warmth radiating off him.

Niklaus growls loudly and hoists me over his shoulder speeding away.

I gasp slightly as my back hits his bed. "Nik...?" I whisper and watch as his hybrid featrues flashes on his face.

Niklaus pins me to the bed with my hands over my head. He kisses me passionately, it was full of different emotions.

His hands leave mine and he puts his own hands on my waist, pulling me as close as possible once again.

I quickly put my free hands to his hair and Niklaus groans as I run my hands through them.

He pulls away from the kiss and looks me in the eyes. "Let me touch you." He whispers huskily.

My heart warms. He still asks permission, even though he could have just gotten on with it.

"Touch me Nik." I whisper as I feel his hands wonder up and down my tighs leaving a hot trail where his fingers touch.

In a blink of an eye my shirt along my pants were gone leaving me laying on my underwear. Niklaus throws his shirt off and looks down on my body.

I admire his chest and trail my finger gently across his chest and stomach. I let my finger tease his abs and v-line.

Niklaus leans down and into my neck. His mouth moves along my neck, leaving a trail of soft kisses and marking me as his own. I let out a breathy moan.

"Nik..." I moan as his mouth lowers down to my breasts.

He tears my bra off and licks his lips. He takes one of my nipples to his mouth and gropes the other one.

He starts to grind his hips against mine with a small growl. "I can smell your arousal."

Niklaus grumbles something under his breath and starts to kiss along my stomach towards the place I need him.

He pulls off my panties and hovers his mouth over my pussy. I whine slightly as his breath hits my already dripping pussy.

I hear him whisper under his breath: "So wet for me."

He quickly kisses my clit and licks all the way from down to the top. He started to eat me out like a desprate thirsty man finally getting water.

I let out a shuttering breath as Niklaus groans against my pussy, sending vibrations up my spine and all over my body.

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