25 - Promised Ice-Cream & Overprotective friends

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Elenas POV


Everything aches, but on the otherhand it feels calm. Like a warm blanket all over me.

It feels like something is buzzing under my skin.

I groan and lift my head. I'm blinded by the sunlight and I quickly burrow my head between Winnie and the wolf with a whimper.

A hand lands gently on my back and rubs slowly.

"Shh, it's okay Love." Familiar voice of Niklaus says gently.

"Did it work?" I ask quietly, my voice muffeled.

"You are out of it for almost four days and the first thing you ask is did it work?" Niklaus asks amused.

I nod with a giggle.

"It did work, thank you Love." He whispers.

"You 'elcome." I mumble and slowly lift my head up.

I squint my eyes because of the light. I pout.

"I feel like a truck hit me and then I had the best sex in my life." I mumble and flop down.

Niklaus chockes on his spit and then chuckles.

"You have to eat Love. Elijah and Kol are doing breakfast, as they heard you waking up." He says.

"M'kay..." I get up to a sitting position.

Niklaus stands up from the bed.

I wrap myself in the blanket like a tortilla and take Winnie and the wolf and hug them with me.

I miss the fond smile from Niklaus as I waddle downstairs.

I walk to the kitchen and all of their heads snap to me.

"Elena..." Elijah breathes out with a small smile.

"Heya." I smile and flop down on the chair.

"How are you Darling?" Kol asks and swings his arm around my shoulders.

"Fine considering stuff." I say and cuddle little bit closer to Kol.

He squeezes my shoulder and then grins.

"I made you pancakes!" He says proudly.

"We made her pancakes." Finn says with a eye roll and offers me the plate of couple blueberry and couple chocolate chip pancakes.

I giggle and take the plate. "Thank you so much."

I eat them quickly.

I sigh happily. "That was so good."

"I am glad you liked it." Elijah comments with a smile.

Kol coughs. "Whipped." He coughs again.

Finn smirks, noticing the unamused looks from Elijah and Niklaus.

Kol brings me a tube of rainbow ice cream and a spoon.

I look at him with my head tilted and with a huge smile on my face.

"Here you go darling. As I promised." He says with a mock bow.

"I love you so much right now." I point my spoon at Kol.

I smile at him widely and dug in, while he chuckles giving Finn a knowing smirk.

I eat in peace, when my eyes widened.

I nervously look at the Mikaelsons.

"Did you tell my friends or dad that I woke up or what even... happened after?" I ask quietly.

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