16 - Hero in a suit & British vampire

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Elenas POV

Last couple of days my head has been hurting more than in my lifetime. With a groan I open my eyes, only to be blinded by the bright as light. I hear someone walking around me in a circle and someone talking.

"I should get paid for this like they did..." I mumble and groan. Someone grabs me by my chin and lifts me up to see that same guy who were responsible about the last time I was kidnapped by wolves.

"Great. Just the doggo I wanted to see." I roll my eyes and he slaps me in the face. "Moony!!" I hear Damon yell, who I see tied up to a chair. He has a collar and some other weird stuff. I turn my head and see motionless Alaric.

I hang my head low and bite my lip to refrain myself from saying something not nice and getting slapped, or worse, again.

Stevie is standing there, holding the ends of two chains which attach to Damon's spiked collar. Brady grins and stands next to me.

"Morning, sunshine." Stevie taunts and walks in front of Damon. "I saw this movie once, some torture porn flick. Anyway, they had this collar device that was really cool, so I just modified it some with some wooden nails, and when I pull this here..." He continues and pulls the ends of the chains forward. The wooden spikes insert themselves in Damon's neck and he groans in pain. I lift my head to look at him worried and angry.

Suddenly, Jules speaks up from the corner and I roll my eyes. Oh how much I wanted to just yeet her out of the window.

"So I hear you have the moonstone." She says and I hold in my giggle. If they all knew. Jules and two other werewolves walk farther into the room. She and Brady kiss and I look at Damon. I gag and he smiles.

Damon starts laughing and says: "Oh, if you only knew the irony of this moment right now. Let me tell you how this is gonna go. You're gonna torture me, I don't talk, someone loses a heart." He says deadly and I yawn. Yes, in a situtation like this I yawn. What, it's tiring to be in a drama show.

Stevie wraps the chains around his hand. Jules walks closer to Damon. "This time, it'll be you." Jules looks at Stevie and nods. Stevie pulls on the chain again, impaling Damon's neck. Damon groans in pain once again and I take my eyes away from them.

Jules points a shotgun to Damon's face. I look around her. "Where the bloody heck did you get that from?" I ask her confused. "Oh great, now I'm turning to british." I say and they all look ready to murder me for interrupting. "Sorry, carry on." I wave as much as I can my tied hand.

"You know what the great thing about buckshot is? It scatters through the body. Maximum damage." Jules says and Damon looks at her with faked intrigue. Jules lifts the shotgun up and points it at Damon's face.

"Where's the moonstone?" She asks. "Get over it, honey. You're never gonna get it." Damon smirks and Jules steps closer to Damon.

"You looking for this?" Comes a voice from my left. I turn to look at Elijah and smile widely. "Perfect timing 'Lijah!" I say and he turns to me. Brady slaps me again to quiet me down and Elijah's eyes darkened.

Elijah, leaning against a banister, twirls the moonstone in his hand. Everyone else looks at him. Elijah walks down the stairs with a murderous expression and places the moonstone on an end table. He backs away from it and points at it. "Go ahead. Take it." He taunts.

One of the werewolves uses his wolf speed to rush towards the moonstone, but Elijah, being vampire and faster, plunges his hand into the wolf's chest and rips out his heart like he does that everyday. Well...

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