13 - More Elijah

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Elenas POV

Damon drove us to my home. I get out of his car and in a flash he his in front of me. "What can I do to get you out of this plan...?" He asks and looks me in the eyes. "Do. Not. Dare to compel me." I say sternly and close my eyes quickly.

"I would never compel you Elena! Even if it would be to protect you from someone stealing you from us." He mutters.

I look up at him and hug him. "Hey. I'm not going anywhere. Thank you Damon, I love you... And tell Steff that I'll visit him tomorrow. What a dumb vampire." I mutter to his chest and he kisses my head. We say goodbye and I go to take my beautysleep.


I wake up with a thump. I look around me and see that I'm on the floor next to my bed. Sigh. I just lay there for a moment, feeling too lazy to move. Somebody knocks on the door.

"Come in." I say lazily from the floor. I don't even look up, only thing I see is shoes in front of my face. "HEY! If you think you can come into my room with shoes, try again!" I say to whoever is in front of me. This someone goes outside my room and returns to the same place, this time without shoes. Their socks are in front of my face.

"Dude your feet stinks." I fake gag and look up. I see Damon looking down at me very unimpressed. I just smile up to him.

"Huomenta." ("Morning") I say and stretch my arms and legs at the same time. "What?" He asks confused. "Oh. Good morning. Sorry, old habit." I giggle and I reach my hands out to him. "Please help me." He cracks a smile and then helps me up from the floor.

I thank him and go to shower without caring about Damon. Well he has basiclly seen me naked, because Katerina you know... Yeah, gross.

I wash myself and wrap around my towel. I go back to my room and look at Damon. "Well? There has to be a reason for you to come here, so what do you want this early?" I ask him and go through my closet.

"Elena it's two in the afternoon." Damon says and looks between the clock and me. "So? I could have been still asleep. Well asleep on the floor but who cares. It's comfy and not the first time when I would have to sleep on the floor. My old friend forgot to give me literally anything so I just slept on the floor without anything. It was nice, it got uncomfortable after four hours but yeah the floor is nice." I start to talk and can't stop it.

Damon chuckles and shakes his head. "You are something else. And yeah I just wanted to ask you, okay let's be honest I'm here to tell you to stay at home. I don't want anything to happen to you now. And if you don't, we'll lock you here." Damon says.

I turn around slowly and look Damon dead in the eyes. I keep silent and just stare at him. "Moony that's creepy." Damon says and raises a eyebrow. After 10 minutes just us being silent and me staring at Damon he cracks. "Okay okay! We wont lock you here." He says and I smile at him. "You have that psychotic clint in your eyes when you look at me like that." Damon shudders.

I smile to myself and change to my underwear under the towel. I have mastered this in my early years. That makes me sound old. Oh well. I change to a dark blue jeans and a black and white sweater. I put my hair up in a high ponytail and then turn to look at Damon.

"Why haven't you left?" I ask with a small laugh. He just looks at me and shrugs. "That is a very good question. I don't know. Well see you later Moony. Don't do anything I wouldn't do." He says and starts to leave. "Yeah like that narrows it down." I whisper laughing. "Oh and Damon!" He turns to look at me while putting his shoes back on at my doorway. "I'm going to see Steffie today." I wink at him. He nods and leaves. Weird man.


I get a message from Damon about Jules being here. She better not touch Caroline or I'll... Well I haven't thought about it yet but I will do something!!

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