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"Well if that is all we have to go over, our meeting has come to an end. The next place where we will all probably come together will be at the wedding ceremony for Prince Loche and Princess Estelle. Once again, the King sends his apologies."

I was sure my face was crimson by now. I had kept trying to say things but quickly kept myself quiet as Loche was inappropriately sliding his hand up my leg!

It had been an awful two hours or so that have passed by of everyone arguing and yelling and yet we were finally done.

As everyone began to stand, I stood too. I glanced at Loche to see him watching me as he spoke with another man. This was a time to quickly retreat to my room. I was awfully confused about certain things and I did not feel so well either. I just wanted to lie down. This dress is much too tight and my back is in pain.

I glanced at a few women, smiling kindly, "Nice to meet you ladies!" One woman in particular was staring intently at me, before making my way over to me. Smiling.

"Oh dear you are such a beauty! Tell me where did you get that jewel from?" She questioned, as I glanced down at that necklace that I was wearing. It was my mother's.

I toyed with it...thinking of her and suddenly my mood was a bit different. "Oh is my sisters," I told the woman as she eyed it intensely, her eyes slowly morphing into her dragon eyes.

I suppose it was true that Dragons really do like treasure... "Hm, so shiny. Tell me do you know who has created such a master piece? I would love to get my hands on one of those," she said as I watched her cut her eyes at a man who seemed to be having a very interesting conversation with another man.

The woman sighed, "I will hear about this argument later...he just talks entirely too much," she fussed as I glanced at the man. He must have been her husband.

The other woman who joined us began to laugh. "Silence him with your lips, is all. Men are distracted very easily," she told us as the one who asked about my necklace began to laugh.

"Silence him with your lips?" I repeated as they both nodded their heads.

"I mean we women have more ways than one way of silencing our men...but we will not go into detail," they laughed as I touched my lips. Silencing men with lips? I suppose that would work on anyone...

Although Loche and I never shared a kiss...I wondered if one would silence him. It seemed as if it would take much, much more than a kiss to quiet him down. Maybe a hug and a kiss.

"Oh dear do not look so naive, you and the Prince are young and in love....I know how that was when I was your age...we could not keep our hands to ourselves...we always..."the woman trailed off as an angered voice interrupted her.

Then a scream. I jumped, turning with the two women closest to me to see what had happened. All I could see was Loche holding a man against the wall and...his dagger was sunk into the man's face.

"Oh my!" I gasped, as I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was large and heavy and I jumped, letting out a small shout.

Uncle Alazar was behind me. "Let us go, Princess. Things will not get better and you do not need to see such vulgarity," Uncle Alazar claimed as he began to pull me towards the door.

I glanced back horrified at Loche, to see him standing over the man who was now cowering on the floor. Holding his bloodied face... I have never seen so much blood in my entire life!

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