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Dear father, how are you? I just would like to let you know that Prince Loche and everyone at this kingdom is treating me and Juni very well. How are you? How is your leg? I do hope you are taking your recommended herbs and Juni tells me that Dinah is upset with me. Please do tell her that I am sorry for whatever I have done to upset her. Also please do send back esu pastries because they are very good and I miss them! Anywho, I am writing on a very urgent matter.

As you probably know the lycan king has done an awful thing to the human kingdom. Slaughtering them and taking the princess as a wife. The council here has decided that they want to invade and take their crops and goods! Is that not just so awful father?! I told them that is not a well thought out plan and well just evil! I have told them that you will offer to trade with them. Trade our crops, our knowledge of them and help them learn how to grow crops that will live in their harsh conditions. I beg of you father, for if you do not accept my request they will go through with harming and invading the human kingdom. And I will be very upset if that happens.


After quickly folding and packaging my letter, I called out for Keynai. He appeared quickly in the large study room where Uncle Alazar let me write my letter. "Keynai, I know this is much to ask of you...but do you think you can fly this to my father?" His eyes widened, an unsure look crossing his features. He did not look so confident. I would just have to boost it! "Keynai you are a very strong Fae soldier. I know you can get this letter to my father tonight. Then rest and return by tomorrow evening!"

He made his hand into a fist, before pounding it against his chest. "I will do anything to ensure your happiness Su Anya! If that means traveling Day and night, weathering blistering heat and awful dragon princes! Anything!" He bellowed.

I giggled, putting a hand over my ears. "Thank you, Keynai. I wish you luck on your journey!" I gave him a quick hug knowing he would protest and say he was unworthy. Which he did rather quickly.

"Keynai! When will you let me give you a hug? Is it because you do not like hugging me because you do not think me as a friend or because of I am a princess?" I frowned.

He rubbed his chin in thought. "You are a royal, I cannot. And the day...hmm, the day a dragon breathes fire will be the day I give you a hug Princess."

Now that was just terrible and mean and just awful. Dragons do not breathe fire! "Keynai you break my heart,I hope you know that."

"I will return with good news and mend it, Su Anya!" He told me as we made our way out of the study. I was met with one of my dragon guards. His name was Harkin and he was incredibly sweet. He seemed to blush any time I would speak to him and he followed the other much more serious guard Cael around, everywhere. Juni would always be rude to Cael and I am guessing that is because Cael stares at her a lot and frowns. I do not know why they do not like each other much but Harkin helps ease the tension by being so incredibly sweet.

"Fae Princess," Harkin bowed lowly. "We have to go to the forest to train for your wedding day."

After watching Keynai fly off, the Harkin and I were ready to go to our next destination. "Ready?" He questioned as I nodded my head and we made our way to the forest. I glanced at him. He stared at me often, not in a scary way but as if he was just surprised by me being here.

"Harkin are you alright?"

He glanced away and began to rub his ruby red hair, which was so beautiful to me and unique! "I apologize, Princess. I come from...a poverty stricken village so we never see outsiders. I have only heard of the fae when my mother would tell stories."

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