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"B-but your highness your father has stated that he wishes to move up the ceremony date," the King's advisor pointed out to me as he bowed even further down. Attempting to appease to my behemoths love for submission. It was the eldest trick in the book when a lower ranking dragon wanted a higher ranking to do something for him. Ofcourse it worked on my father, but not on me.

Why would I push up the date of this ceremony when I know Estelle is not ready? We had seven days left, and according to her guardian she was no where near ready. "Tell my father that if he wishes to push up the date, he will have to do it himself."

I knew that would quiet him...for now. My father was a negligent King. He would not change the plans. Again. "The King will not appreciate your disobedience, your excellency. All we do is for you, your father and the council would just like you two to wed already. To see such a happy union will bring joy to the-"

"-If you are done spewing nonsense, you may leave." He pressed his lips firmly together, standing from his pathetic crouching position. He bowed one more time before rushing out of the throne room.

Did he think I was born yesterday? I heard the rumors. They already had a wife lined up for me, doubting that Estelle would succeed. Once my behemoth caught her before sundown, we would send her back to her kingdom and explain to the Fae King that the marriage was not favored by the gods. I knew the plan already and it agitated me.

"My Prince, the King has arrived."

I was glad of it. I had spent all morning taking up audiences with civilians and listening to council members try and suade my father's decisions. His actions. Which I had to make up reasons to defend because they were nonsense. I had better things to do than to deal with his messes.

My father entered the throne room, his eyes gleaming with joy. I could smell the mead on his lips from half way across the room. Not to mention the stench of sex. "Loche get out of my chair."

"If you will not sit here why not let me occupy it?" I questioned, watching as he staggered over to the long table in the room. Leaning on its stability...without it he would fall. He had too much to drink. Which was not a surprise.

He snarled, falling into a seat before stretching out his limbs. "Did I miss anything of importance? Did we invade those humans yet?"

Of course he did. He has been locked away in his east tower for three days. With wine, whores, and entertainment. "You missed executions. You missed a councilmen telling me I need to wed sooner by your order and my answer was no. My betrothed has sent a letter to her father requesting trade and food for the villages that are going through a drought. Instead of invading the humans."

He began to laugh. Loud boisterous laughter filled the room as I stared at him blankly. "Why would you let that princess have any say? She is not your wife Loche! She will never be your wife! You think that imbecile of a girl will ever be wise enough to make it through the ceremony?!" He spat, beginning to stand up to his feet.

His teeth began to elongate and the air cracked around us. His behemoth was not too keen on Estelle. Neither was he. I chuckled, "The council agreed, I did nothing to aid in her vote...as for the ceremony, let the gods decide. Not you."

My father scoffed, slamming his palm down onto the table. "You dare mock me boy?!"

"I would never mock you, father," I spat a smile making its way onto my lips. "If I mocked you, I would have said something that was comedic. Calling my betrothed insults is not a laughing matter." He should go back to the east wing and lock himself up again. That would aid me much. Maybe he would drink himself to unresponsiveness.

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