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"You dumb prince! Open this door and give me my poor sister!"

Gaul's nostrils flared. This was not good at all.

"Juni stop! Loche and I are fine!" I yelled towards the door. "Please I will speak with you later!" I yelped as Loche or erm Gaul tried to get up from the bed. Ignoring the flaming pain around my lower back I wrapped my arms around Loche's shoulders, trying to pull him back onto the bed. He could not get to Juni! He just could not!

"Are you sure, Stelle! I will hit him with a shoe!" A shoe is an awful weapon, I am sure it would hurt much. What if Loche got hurt?

"I am sure! We will speak later Juni!... Gaul stop this...stop this right now!" I yelled at him, as he paused in his ministrations of trying to get to the door. "You stop this right now or-or I will not talk to you at all and no kisses!" Ha, that will teach this angry dragon!

My heart began to beat wildly as he let loose a grumble in his chest. His head turning a bit to glance at me. "Fae no threaten!"

I frowned at him. I was kneeling on the bed, with a finger pointed at him, and the more his eyes stared at me unblinking the more nervous I became. I would threaten if he was being rude! "Yes, I threaten!"

"Fae is mine," he snarled, slowly turning towards me. My hand fell to my side quickly as I smiled at him. He did not look happy with me as of now. Maybe he did not like me threatening to stop talking to him and kissing him...?

The growling in his chest was getting louder as he came closer to the bed. I scooted back a bit as he approached the side I was on. "Um," I gulped as he began to crawl onto the bed. "Gaul!" I yelped as with one gentle push from his hand I fell onto my back. How rude! Not to mention my brand was on my back! I waited for the immediate pain...but the pain was not so terrible. Maybe it was the cream Loche had given me helping?

"Fae is mine," he repeated as he crawled atop of my body my eyes going to his muscular scaled arms that were on either side of my head. I was not afraid of Gaul but more nervous as to what he might do. He just kept growling and staring at my lips.

His snake-like eyes were now swirling with orange as they watched me and my hand went to his chest. It was so abnormally warm. Was that a good or bad thing? Would he breathe fire at me? Before I had the chance to ask, his nose went to the column of my neck and rubbed against it. His grumblings became louder and I watched as more scales began to appear on his body. "My fae...mine."

"Gaul I know I am yours," I giggled, as his nose was replaced with his lips. I suppressed a gasp as his lips planted kisses all around my neck before going to my mark. My body instantly stiffened, as his tongue swiped over it gently. Growling. A stab of pleasure ran through my body, my eyes instantly fluttering shut.

I trembled as I felt his teeth hover over the mark he had given me before. Then his teeth slowly sunk in again. The sensation running through my body was sinful. My breaths began to shorten, and my legs seemed to weaken...my body just felt very sensitive.

"Gaul," I whimpered as he slowly withdrew his teeth, soothing the sting of his bite with his tongue yet again. My mind felt odd and fuzzy. I wanted him to touch me more...

A whimper fell from my lips as his mouth trailed down my neck, towards my collar bone.  When his lips met the fabric of my gown, a snarl sounded. He looked to me, eyebrows drawn together. I watched as his nails began to elongate. Oh my...he was going to rip the gown Loche and I worked so hard just to put on! I was going to say something but his increasingly hypnotic eyes made me slowly shut my mouth.

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