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"Excuse me...please be a bit more gentle," I pleaded with the maid who was lacing me into my dress. Also to the other woman who was working on my hair. Juni was currently putting jewels on my neck.

"We are sorry your highness but the Prince is furious. He expected to escort you to the meeting but no one could find you! He has left and one of the guards will be escorting you...so we are attempting to hasten our movements," the woman explained, a tone of fear in her voice.

Well Tis not my fault no one reminded me that I had a meeting this evening! Juni and I were busy in the library hiding from our dragon guards. Unfortunately with their good noses, Cael and Harkin found us.

The dragon guard Cael is very serious and Juni does not like him much. She says he is a stick in the sand just like Loche. I think he is just a bit nervous because Loche threatened him so terribly before.

"Yes, it is best not to keep the Prince and the council members waiting!"

"Alas we are done! Please stand your highness!"

I stood slowly, and turned to look in the mirror. My dress was very tight...and I felt as if I could not breathe! I was being forced to wear a most uncomfortable corset that pushed my breasts entirely to far up. Both the dress and the corset were tied so tight I was afraid to breathe, let alone eat! The colors were beautiful but I just felt like wearing a cloak.

Father would break his cane if he were to see me wearing something this provoking! I know dragon women wear clothes that are fitting but this is all too much! I am much more comfortable in Fae clothing...it is less restrictive and flowy.. My hair was also pent up tight. Not comfortable at all. I knew I could not change my clothing but my hair could be down without causing a fuss maybe..?

"Can you ladies just untangle my hair then I will be on my way," I said sheepishly as they both glared at me before making quick work with my hair. "Oh, that is much better!"

I glanced at Juni who was staring at my chests. She poked them, "Wow Stelle they look great!" I gasped, pushing at her hand. How could she say something like that?! "Sorry, sorry! Okay, remember be nice and silent. Think of yourself as Dinah!"

Dinah was very good at being silent. I just had to imagine that I was her and Loche would not be angry with me...?

"Okay I will." The maids opened the door and I was met with Keynai whose eyes swept over my dress. He gasped and shielded his eyes immediately. "Keynai look at me please," I pleaded as he shook his head. Staring directly ahead.

"I cannot Su Anya! I refuse to let thoughts that are impure into my mind! Let us go, please!" Impure thoughts? As I contemplated what he meant I followed him down a series of hallways and steps, till finally I smelt the scent of delicious food waft to my nose!

Keynai glanced at me quickly, "Su Anya if you feel threatened in any way please allow me to know so that I will rescue you." I gave him a kind smile. I appreciated that, but how awful could these people be?

Keynai pushed open the door and whispered something to the two men standing guard. "Presenting Princess Estelle of the Faenor kingdom," the man announced.

My eyes wandered all over the large room. A long table sat in the middle full of people. Along with a smaller table to the side...that was full of young children. Seven to eight men stood at the corner of the room, playing beautiful music which was hard not to sway to.

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