Thirty Two

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Crimson liquid splattered onto the ground as the man I was questioning seemed to be having some type of coughing fit. He clutched his chest with his dirtied fingers, further darkening his already grimy and torn clothing.

"Prince...please, I b-beg of you."

Beg? What could this man simply beg me for and I grant it to him? As I bent down, my elbow resting on my knee I wondered how many times Estelle may have begged.

Just the image of her bruised body had my fury returning tenfold. I held my hand out in front of the man. Dry blood coated the scales of my arm and hands, my nails.

I promptly swiped my claws across the man's face and he let out an agonizing scream of terror as he clutched his bleeding face.

I chuckled. "I bore of your strength and unwillingness to talk. I will hand you over to my executioner." A look of relief passed over the imbeciles face. Oh this village imbecile thought that he was to die? No.

"My executioner does not just kill. He tortures, he maims. He is a medic too. Just as you are at the brink of death just as you think he will end your life, he will become your savior. He will wrap your wounds, tend to your pain," I spoke watching the man's bloodied face contort into anguish once more.

The man slumped against the brick wall, attempting at looking away from me. "Look at me when I speak to you, scum. That is what you yelled at a guard earlier is it not?"

The pathetic excuse of a life was weeping now. I snatched him by the shirt. "Is that not what you yelled earlier?! That fae scum do not belong here," I snarled in his face as he attempted at cowering away.

"My lord! The Princess has awakened."

I dropped the man immediately. In my overwhelming rage and fury I killed most of Estelle's attackers and those who associate with them. A few got away, but soldiers are on the look out. Including Cael who I will deal with as soon as he gives me what I want.

Someone was able to find this vermin and another. The torture I put the other man through was too much and he pathetically died before I received any answers. This one though, was strong. I was able to get only but a few things out of him. He was strong but his pain tolerance was depleting. I had been back and forth here, to the dungeons at least six times over the day. Bringing harm upon him and leaving him for dead.

I suppose the pain I put him through made him a beggar of death. Which I cannot have so I will be handing him over to the executioner.

Rising to my feet, I glanced to the guard who gave me the news of Estelle. He stood strong with a hint of fear as he looked over me. I had blood coating my hands and splattered all over my clothing.

That would not be the best way to greet my injured wife who has been sleeping for a day and a half since we found her. I checked in on her almost every other hour. It was driving me mad. I would check in on her sleeping form, look at the harm that she went through and take my frustrations out on the scum who was responsible for this...

"Bring me fresh clothes and a basin of water," I told the guard as he nodded his head  and bowed deeply. Ever since the news of my fire breathing abilities reached, everyone has been giving me a highly annoying amount of respect.

They claim I am the chosen one and I have been avoiding the Caticala so far. They soon will swoop in and whisk me away to lecture me on how to proceed with my new 'gift.'

As I awaited for my new clothing and a basin to wash the blood from my hands, the executioner approached, clad in black clothing and an emotionless look as he fell to one knee.

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