Thirty Eight

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Loche smelled so good.

He smelled like a spicy pastry...or a nice strong tree.

"Estelle stop smelling me," He murmured, his lips pressing against my ear. His voice sounded faraway but he was right next to me! I was so confused...and he was so warm! I just wanted him to wrap his arms around me and then go to sleep.

A sigh left my lips as I felt as if my legs were falling asleep. "Loche...Loche my legs feel like soup," I panicked, clutching onto his robes as his arm that was wrapped around me pulled me closer to him. He just feels so nice. I began to hum as I leaned into Loche, wrapping my arms around him.

The ladies who had given me the disgusting drink were speaking words. Their robes looked as if they were flying everywhere as they stood in the middle of the room speaking.

"Loche...why are their robes doing that?" I questioned him as he paid no attention to me, focusing on the odd women speaking. "Loche!"

His warm fingers that were caressing my back, began to dig into my skin uncomfortably. "Estelle I know it is complicated for you to concentrate right now but try and be quiet and just listen," he frowned as he looked down to me.

Ack. Why are his lips so nice? They even look pleasant when he is frowning. I had to stop thinking about everything except for what was about to happen! Loche was upset with me and I had to be a good wife and future Queen.

I leaned in, attempting to try and pay attention to what the Caticala women were saying. It would be easier if I could concentrate! Oh, I could just close my wuss and focus on their voices. That would surely work..

Closing my eyes tight, I focused on the voices as vibrant colors danced behind my eyelids. How beautiful!

"This Princess of the Faenor kingdom is presented to us to have her official seal of her kingdom through matrimony. Through this seal she will forever be ours, forever be apart of the mighty kingdom that has been built up from generation to generation and will be held up by Prince Lochelan who has been gifted the power of the gods!"

My eyes popped open when people began to clap and I slid my eyes to Loche. The clapping was much too loud, it sounded like thunder.

"Loche, can you give me a kiss?"

He stiffened very much. "Not right now Estelle," he rejected me as I sighed, kissing his robes.

"Tis okay...we will kiss later in bed, yes?"  I smiled widely as he continues to stare me down as if I suggested something awful. Did hen not want to kiss me?! First he makes it seem like  he does not want me to have his children, then he acts as if he does not want to kiss me.

How rude! Maybe I was an awful kisser...maybe he did not like my lips! " do not like my lips Loche...that is why you refuse to kiss me!" I gasped as I could see a few people glancing towards us. I waved at them.

I could feel Loche's nails growing and they pierced my skin. Not enough to break the skin, but enough to cause discomfort...

"You can have my lips all you want after you have my seal on your back, okay little fae?" He whispered in my ear as a chill ran over my body. I suppose that sounded fair...

Before I had the chance to reply to him, he was pulling me towards the center of the room. When we stopped, I held unto him for dear life as if we might both fall!

The room was spinning and I close my eyes tightly trying to get it togethsr. This was all too much!

I opened my eyes again when I heard words that were not in my language being spoken. I looked to what was in front of me and gasped. An odd man in a black mask was standing closely to us. He had a long iron rod stuck into a heap of flames...

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