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Slow Suicide by zelaughingqueen
Slow Suicideby mary
❝He was a smoker. She asked him why. He said it was his slow suicide.❞ - REVIEWS: "Slow Suicide is one of the best books that I've read. A beautiful story of two s...
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The shy girl and the devil by listening_to_BTS
The shy girl and the devilby BTS
I gulped as devil approached me.i took a step back.he just gave me wicked grin.i walked backwards until I was pressed against the alley wall.my eyes widened in fear.he p...
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Pure Pearl by InsertUsername12345
Pure Pearlby | T.B |
"His eyes were on Aurora, his prey. She was stunning to him, so beautiful and pure. So innocent. Noticing her white dress being stained from the dirty floor she lay...
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Damien ✔️ by illiteratehomebody
Damien ✔️by illiteratehomebody
Book 1 in Dominant Series • He needed her, breathed her, lived for her. And the pure soul enjoyed his company so she didn't mind.
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Lethal (BWWM) by Angel_Ace999
Lethal (BWWM)by Angel Starlight
Angel's mother was killed by people who wanted to extract powerful Magic from her. Angel is a Uni-Hybrid like her mother. Angel is a highly trained assassin, killing any...
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The King's Awaited Mate by curie7
The King's Awaited Mateby Euler
Valdus Castellanos, the king of werewolves, a ruthless monster, a beast, as known by many, waited for ages for his mate. Years passed, but nothing changed. He could go...
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AMOUR (continuation from other story LOVE IS....) completed  by MeghnaKaria
AMOUR (continuation from other sto...by Crazy me
Amour means love in French, its continuation of my other story LOVE IS... Which was short story, pls read that first to know more about this story
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O Mere Saajan ❤ A Unique Beautiful Love Story  by _yesha_jain_
O Mere Saajan ❤ A Unique Beautiful...by YESHA JAIN
Ek Ladki Jisne Bhi Auro Ki Tarah Apne Wedding Night Ke Bare Main Bahut Kuch Socha...Bahut Sare Sapne The Us Ladki Ke...Par Jab Woh Raat Aayi Tab Us Ladki Ke Hosh Udd Gay...
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MaNan SS - A Delicate Love Story✅ by PranuKeerthu
MaNan SS - A Delicate Love Story✅by Pranu
It was the second story which contains every girl's dreams about her love life and her partner...This story is very close to my heart and as the name says it is delicate...
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Conflicted Eyes, Confusing Feelings by Xmintflake
Conflicted Eyes, Confusing Feelingsby Reese Tory
"Listen, just because ... that ... happened last night doesn't mean we're friends now, a'right? And I don't expect you to go blabbing, yeah?" The blond tried...
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The Homeless Boy by zelaughingqueen
The Homeless Boyby mary
❝This is a story about a boy who lost his home. And a girl who lost herself. In the end, they might find more than what they were looking for.❞ - REVIEWS: "The ho...
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Pure Blood (Book two of the Blood Series) by emanresu88
Pure Blood (Book two of the Blood...by Ashley
In the midst of a war between vampires, werewolves, and humans not only is Kira gaining powers she doesn't understand, have rouges chasing after her, but she's also fall...
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Lovers(Sequel to Perfect Strangers) by Rajput-123
Lovers(Sequel to Perfect Strangers)by Rajput-123
The story of Kabir Veer Singh Rathod and his queen Shraddha Veer Singh Rathod continues..... This book will be all about love,marriage and relationships. Its easy to fal...
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Rogue and Alpha by alandra_01
Rogue and Alphaby Alandra
Lex is a rogue wolf by birth and her parents left her when she was fourteen in the capeable hands of one of her fathers friends. But he was killed when a pack looking fo...
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It's about two teenager who were bounded with something pure and unnamed. A story which started with a lot of purity, innocence and unknowingly ended with tears, betray...
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The Rose Gang (Innocent M!Reader X Criminal!Ruby Rose)  by Firewolfships
The Rose Gang (Innocent M!Reader X...by Firewolf
In The Kingdom of Vale when you didn't think that there was a secret group led by a fifteen year old girl that would steal, trade, kill and destroy that they see as a en...
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Dear Bodyguard by laurakristin
Dear Bodyguardby laurakristin
If I had to use one word to describe her it would be lonely. Even though there were many people surrounding here, she was incredibly lonely. Her parents died in an attac...
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Pure (Paused)  by __inspired__
Pure (Paused) by __inspired__
Rough. Soft. Dirty. Innocent. Dark. Light. Pure.
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Harry potter preferences by shannonking03
Harry potter preferencesby Shannon king
In this preferences the boy are: Harry Draco Ron Fred George Oliver Neville Cedric Seamus The Marauders James Sirius Remus Severus Peter Hope you like this❤️
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Stray Kids Imagines[CLOSED] by SxpphireRxse
Stray Kids Imagines[CLOSED]by ☆SAPPHIRE☆
This is my first imagine book Don't comment bad things about it As I am not very good at writing it 15 March 2018-#758 /25 April 2018-#677 16 March 2018-#730/27 April 20...
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