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Sensual Innocence by Kiwii1951
Sensual Innocenceby kiwii
Delaney Waverly Prescott Someone so pure, so out of reach. But why must I want her so much? Because she's so different from average people? I know she's too good for me...
Pure Pearl by heavenlygrimes
Pure Pearlby carmen<3
"His eyes were on Aurora, his prey. She was stunning to him, so beautiful and pure. So innocent. Noticing her white dress being stained from the dirty floor she lay...
White Rose of Purity by hope_love_peace_
White Rose of Purityby Hope
Charity is the sweetest, selfless, and most compassionate werewolf out there. When she was younger it was cute, but now as she gets older, the other wolves take advantag...
His flower by butterflytxo
His flowerby <3 (:< *~* :3
Lavender a pure innocence kind hearted girl who has a dark past stumbles paths with a cold hearted mafia leader who seems to have a soft spot for her
Rogues by curlynerd4ever
Roguesby CurlyNerd
She was a whirl of pure innocence and her nature only held of good. She was his saviour. He was an uncontrollable beast, dominant, feared ,possessive in every manne...
The King's Awaited Mate by curie7
The King's Awaited Mateby Euler
Valdus Castellanos, the king of werewolves, a ruthless monster, a beast, as known by many, waited for ages for his mate. Years passed, but nothing changed. He could go...
Fix My Heart (Completed) by BeingDreamer
Fix My Heart (Completed)by BeingDreamer
Another Rejection story *Short Story* It was forbidden to mate with someone else who is not your mate. It was frowned upon when there was a child born from such a relat...
Pure Love  by StarWarsSW
Pure Love by HelloThere07
A love triangle with Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy become more intense as your obsession with Malfoy leads to a jealous disaster.
Anidita:- A New Story! by anidita_bb
Anidita:- A New Story!by anidita_bb
Aniruddh and Bondita's story but with a twist! The other characters are as they are in the show, maybe i can add some characters after!! Show some love! And here Bondita...
Pure (Paused)  by __inspired__
Pure (Paused) by __inspired__
Rough. Soft. Dirty. Innocent. Dark. Light. Pure.
His Investition by chill_pill_all_day
His Investitionby Daddy Issues
Anita Lopez is fresh high school graduatee. With sick mother on a hospital bed, she has to take two jobs in order to make enough money so she can pay all the hospital bi...
Mafias girl by Tiffanysroses
Mafias girlby Tiffany💓
What happens when, sweet, innocent, kind, abused, Elle Rose stumbles into the mansion of Rafael Knight, number one most feared Mafia leader in the world? Kind Sweet In...
kitten || Kuroken by -RVNTARO
kitten || Kurokenby ✨Liz✨
Childhood bestfriends. That's all. With the occasional make out session. I do not own the characters, only the plot. Won't contain smut but will contain mentions of it...
Harry potter preferences by shannonking03
Harry potter preferencesby Shannon king
In this preferences the boy are: Harry Draco Ron Fred George Oliver Neville Cedric Seamus The Marauders James Sirius Remus Severus Peter Hope you like this❤️
MaNan SS - A Delicate Love Story✅ by PranuKeerthu
MaNan SS - A Delicate Love Story✅by Pranu
It was the second story which contains every girl's dreams about her love life and her partner...This story is very close to my heart and as the name says it is delicate...
Food and That's It (Soma x Erina) by SomethingWrong1223
Food and That's It (Soma x Erina)by Somethings Wrong
In confusion, Soma has yet to know the real reason why he's giving it his best in every dish he makes for her. Is he really doing this just to make her say "delicio...
Fauna Academia (A Countryhumans story) by Kumo-chan246
Fauna Academia (A Countryhumans st...by Cloud'sStories
It's about a little girl entering a school of hybrids. Well, yeah she's little, but there's more than you know. Read the story to find out.
Facade || A war within ||  (Completed) by BlueZahara
Facade || A war within || (Comple...by zahara
"I fell for your facade. I guess I was fool" "May God have mercy on you because I won't" No one expect an angel to set the world on fire. But indeed...
Alike - Corpse x Sykkuno by marinarin00
Alike - Corpse x Sykkunoby Mari
"A story of a mysterious but unstable serial killer falling in love with a pure and wholesome boy, just as unstable as him." --- Cover art by @/floatzxs on Ins...
Loathing (Pansy Parkinson) by booksnooksandcoffee
Loathing (Pansy Parkinson)by booksnooksandcoffee
A Slytherin, undermined and displayed as soulless and evil. For Pansy Parkinson a Slytherin is who she is, a pure blood, whom sees nothing wrong with the constant feeli...