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The Drakonian carriage was large and roomy. Much bigger than the small fae carriages that carried us around at times. Juni and I were pressed against each other very tightly. Partly because we were a bit nervous.

Prince Loche was not speaking much. Not much at all. Prince Alazar was making small conversations with us at times which I appreciated. Everytime I would speak though, the prince would stare at me for a long amount of time before he would look away. Maybe it was because every time Juni and I saw a different bird flying, we would call them out. Maybe the prince did not like birds...but who would not like such pretty creatures?

"Prince Loche you will love my sister, yes? I hope you are not an awful person to her because you seem so stone-like," Juni spoke aloud as I gasped. Did she really just say those things to the prince?

I gasped, clasping my hands together as to not shove my sister like I would like to. Papa says shoving people, especially family is terribly unlady like. "I am not someone who wears their emotions on their face as some people do. The Princess will be my wife. Of course I will care for her."

The prince's response was like a heavy stone. No room for compromise. I will be his wife and he will care for me...which is truly wonderful. But will we have any fun? Like go picking berries in the forest or frolicking with the deer, or even painting in the forest! Painting...in the forest.

"Dale!" I gasped as I pressed my hands to my face in worry. I am the worst friend that has ever lived. Dale deserves a friend who will never forget him and will always listen to his many, many ramblings. I often get sleepy when he speaks a lot but I cannot help it much!

Juni made a face. "What of your smelly friend, Estelle?"

I gasped. Dale did not smell terrible, he always had the scent of wet earth on him. Tis a very pleasant smell actually! "Who is Dale?"

Both Juni and I jumped. Prince Loche's voice was cold and a bit terrifying. It sounded more like a growl than a voice. "Dale is my closest friend and also has one of the best professions a man of worth can have!"

Prince Loche did not seem to believe that. "Your father is King. What can be more important than King?"

Everyone has important jobs. From a king to a gardener. Everyone has worth in what they do. "He is a gardener. He tends to the flowers and the trees and everything else. He is wonderful and sweet and-"

"-So emotional! He and Stelle both cried at the birth of a doe!" Juni giggled, exposing a secret I did not really want my soon to be husband and his uncle. Ah! Why must Juni do these things? Now Prince Loche will probably expect me to turn into a sad, gloomy Wife. Birth is a very beautiful thing, I would cry if any person or animal gave birth in front of me.

"You will not speak with him or of him." Prince Loche spoke, his eyes morphing into ones that resembled a snake. The black pupils of his eyes began to thin out into slits...and his irises were brightening. A gasp left my lips. I have never touched the sun or its fiery warmth before...but staring into Prince Loche's eyes reminded me of such heat.

Juni scoffed and I smiled tightly. For some odd reason Prince Loche was upset about Dale being my friend. It did not make much sense but I do want to calm his upset state. I am sure the Prince is just jealous of Dale because he gets to work with plants and flowers. I am a bit envious of my friend too! I could not keep staring at his eyes though, so I will try to make the prince feel better.

"Well Prince Loche, Dale is my friend so I cannot stop being his friend. Tis wrong to do, but if it makes you feel better I can have him write letters of all of his knowledge on plant life to you! Then you and Dale could become friends also."

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