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"I found the waterfall!"

I had been roaming the forest and open plains for almost all of the day. I was both sweaty and tired, but I refused to give up. I could not let something as small as exhaustion or fear stop me. Sure I was deathly afraid to go through with this ceremony. A dragon would be chasing me...a dragon! But I was prepared..More prepared than I thought I would be.

At least the gown I was wearing was nice and airy! Both Cael and Harkin had neglected staring at me which makes me think that this very comfortable gown was not too comfortable for their eyes. I think I look very nice in it but Cael has bought me a large cloak to wear when we arrive back in the castle.

Between Cael and Harkin I had learned much about dragons. Like their dragons relied more on their sense of smell than their eyes. That although they did not spew fire, it was rumored that some of the royal family members did. Cael says that is not true at all, and when I asked why dragons do not spew fire no one had answers. Harkin was quiet and Cael just told me that the ancient ones did!!

Dragons did not like the forest and tended to shift back into human form because of the trees. Contrary to popular beliefs they did enjoy caves but did not necessarily like water.

"Cael look!" I had never witnessed a waterfall with my own eyes. Rushing water filled an outstretched river....which suddenly just dropped off.

"Princess please not so close," Cael warned as I took a precautionary step back. I loved the water. The ocean! Rivers, everything. Us fae love the water. It made us even more one with nature.

Thinking of my people made me think of Keynai. It has been two days since I sent him off with a letter to my father. Juni reminded me many times that I did that it and made me happy that I can help the humans. Although, tomorrow will be the last day that he can come...or else Uncle Alazar and the King will commit an awful sin against the poor humans. I need to beg Loche to give me another day. Maybe a kiss would work?

I hoped he made it to our kingdom safe. Maybe he was just resting before he came back. That was what I had hoped for at least. Keynai was a fast flyer, he would not disappoint me I am sure.

Instead of worrying myself with Keynai's wellbeing...chanting in my mind that he was a strong Fae...I glanced down at the map Juni and Winona had made me. Cael, Harkin and I had traveled everywhere on the map at least twice today. The map was large...it included the forest, mountains and plains. I was glad for the large amount of land but nervous as to where exactly to hide...I had marked it up with important things I thought I should remember.

Certain plants and odd looking trees, stood out to me. Winona would be here soon to teach me how Fae use nature to the best of our abilities...

We had teachers but they taught us history and manners but not much about fae ways and nature. The true important things! I knew some things, and I also know mothers should teach their children The way of the Fae...but my mama is not here. Life. Nature. And Self. I have learned about life but Self and Nature were hard to learn for me.. Good thing I had Winona to teach me though. She was an expert at Fae teachings.

"Su Anya Estelle is everything alright?"

I glanced behind me to see Winona approaching with Harkin not to far behind us. Watching us closely. "Oh, Winona!" I smiled as I rushed over to her, grabbing her in a hug. "I have memorized your map to heart. Cael and I have been at it all morning."

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