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"So you wife, my little Fae run away with the garden boy?!"

I need paper and a writing utensil. I have to write my death letter before he kills us! I glanced at Cael to see him still on one knee. "It is my own fault, your highness. I was occupied with other...things than rather...rather..." Cael trailed off as Prince Loche began to breathe harshly.

"-Then what your job is here?!" Prince Loche demanded as Cael's head dropped lower. "I respected you, Cael. After your injuries in the army I believed you to still be valuable and hand picked you to ensure the safety of the people in this castle. Yet you fail me," he snarled as darkened scales began to show all over his arms and even on his face. As he spoke his teeth sharpened and I took a precautionary step back. How could Cael lie? Say it was his was my own. "If my wife is found with injuries to her body you will pay with your life. I will kill you."

How could he say something like that?! Sheer panic raced through my body as I tried to keep down a sob as I spoke up. "Prince Loche tis not Cael's fault," I announced as both of the men turned towards me. Cael glared at me and I glared back. "I suggested Harkin to go with Estelle instead of...instead of fetching Cael. I-I should have grabbed Cael b-but I like him a bit so I did not want to see him and I...I," I overshared as Cael's eyebrows slowly drew together. It was true. I did not wish to see Cael...and now my sister was gone.

"That weak imbecile is probably dead and my wife and that garden boy could be anywhere with anyone!" He roared aloud as I felt tears prick my eyes. My sister has truly married a monster.

Loche seemed to be glaring murdersly at me and I watched as Cael stepped in front of me, his hand on the top of his sword. What? What did I say that was so wrong? "Cael...why is he staring at me like that?" I whispered as I clutched to his shoulders, hiding from Prince Loche.

Cael tensed as the Prince let lose an ungodly sound. "Because of your immature and dense mind my wife is no where to be found and it is sundown! I do not think you understand the gravity of this situation."

I am not dense! I understand the gravity of such a situation. She is my sister before she was his wife.

I gulped, holding onto Cael as the Prince's eyes suddenly lit up with a look of fury that I have never seen before. He took deathly slow steps towards us as his breathing had become labored. Was it warm in here or just me sweating from being terrified. All of his exposed skin was was now covered in the dark scales.

I watched as Cael reached for his weapon. "My Prince please calm down," he said slowly as the Prince did not seem to hear that. "My Prince she does not know any better," Cael repeated his hand now gripping the weapon securely in its holster. "She is a foreign king's daughter. I cannot allow you to cause ha-"

I screamed. The Prince grabbed Cael and tossed him into one of the bedroom walls. The prince had so much strength that he had made Cael, such a large and heavy!

I am going to die.

Cowering back I watched Cael struggle to get to his feet. I put my hands in front of my face, whimpering. "Do not come any closer, you crazed Prince!"

Before I could turn and run towards Cael, his scaled hand jutted out and grabbed me by the shoulder. "You," he fumed, as I clawed at his strong hand. He was not putting much pressure on me but he was keeping me in place. Terrifying me. "You annoying and nuisance thorn in my side, when we find your sister, I will banish you from ever setting foot in my kingdom!" He said through clenched teeth making tears spring to my eyes.

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