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I awoke to the feel of something soft and hairy rubbing against my nose. With a loud sneeze, I woke up. Sitting up slowly, my eyes wandered over the room I was in. It was large...and dark. Memories slowly floated through my mind. All jumbled...a bit confusing.

Waking up to a strange man, then finding out that strange man was Prince Loche. He had chosen me and not Dinah. Which I wished to learn more about, eventually. He seemed cold and well a bit callous. Then again, I do not know him much...maybe if we spend more time together I will like him.

Hearing a soft noise, I looked to the side of my bed. Long tousled hair was wrapped around a small fairy, that lay next to me. It was Juni! My sister was snoring very loudly, but I was used to that. As soon as I was about to awaken her I heard loud noises.

My heart began to beat rapidly as I heard an ungodly noise come from the window. Slowly getting up, I rushed over to the window and my eyes widened at what I was seeing. Real dragons!

Big large wings, flapping. Generating so much wind that the trees were basically bowing...It was amazing and a bit terrifying.

"Juni...Juniper!" I shouted, shaking my sisters shoulder. She just had to see this amazing sight! I continued to try and wake her up. "Juni!"

A loud groan came from her lips before she slowly sat up. "Estelle!" She glared, as I watched her eyes brighten with annoyance.

I smiled at her, noticing that she did not look very happy. "Juni what tis the matter? I just wanted to show you the Dragons..."

"Stelle do you know what you did, yesterday."

I glanced back at her with a nervous smile, "I did not even realize I was doing it. I just know...I do not remember."

Juni  looked down at the pillow under her and sighed. "Estelle we are not at home. These dragons are not...well I do not know what kind of people they are. So please, be careful."

"I will and Prince Loche does not seem like such a nice man," I explained to her as she gave me an unsure look. He was a bit scary. I wondered why she seemed to pause and think of what I said.

"Well, he carried you to your room so you would not wake up, I think that was nice...but you do not remember do you? He is a bit mean though, he told you to stop talking about Dale around him," my sister told me as she pulled the blanket over her head.

Why would he not like Dale? He is very kind, and he is not a hideous person to look at. Although, Prince Loche does not look...well he has a nice face too. A very nice face...but I think he would look nicer if he smiled. He looks scary when he frowns. "Oh, well that was nice of him."

I could not hear what Juni said...well because her voice was being muffled by the covers. As soon as I was about to pull them from her...I
heard knocking on the door.

It was a loud knock. I wonder if it was Prince Loche? Quickly walking over to the door, I pulled it open. Relief flooded me as I saw a woman. She was a bit on the plump side and her dark hair was pulled into a bun. She bowed, a gasp leaving her lips as she stared at me. "Good morning, Princess."

"Good morning!"

"It is an honor to meet you, Princess. I am one of your many servants, Reseaa," she said while bowing. "I am here to wake you up for first meal, Lady Juniper also. I may wake her up if you wish. The king likes everyone at the table before he arrives."

I gulped, nodding my head. The King must be Loche's father. I cannot make an awful impression, father would be so disappointed. "I-I will be quick. What clothing should I wear?"

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