Dirty Lying Faeries (Complete) by SabrinaBlackburry
Dirty Lying Faeries (Complete)by Sabrina Blackburry
Highest ranking #28 in Fantasy Thea didn't think much of the fantasy world. Fairy tales and make believe were stories you tell children, not something to actually worry...
  • mates
  • love
  • magic
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Victorian Mistress by JesseQuill
Victorian Mistressby Jesse Stuart
Lot Maguire gets you right in the heart. Literally. [Complete] Charlotte 'Lot' Maguire is a thief on the streets of Victorian London until she meets Brandon O'Connor a...
  • paranormalromance
  • victorian
  • heroine
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Friends with the King of the Underworld | Book 1 by _lovepenny
Friends with the King of the Under...by _lovepenny
[COMPLETED] Emylin is a human. Her best friend, Damien, is not. He's the mysterious, handsome King of the Underworld. A social outcast, shunned by her peers, Emmy never...
  • faeries
  • fae
  • urbanfantasy
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Lost And Lonely - A Labyrinth Fanfic [UPDATED VERSION] by SpaceInvaderBowie
Lost And Lonely - A Labyrinth Fanf...by Goblin Queen Raven
[COMPLETED] This is an UPDATED version of the first original book under the same title. Same story, better writing! ~~~ Jareth is a grumpy, broody, lonely Goblin King, s...
  • goblinking
  • fae
  • faeries
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Saving the King of the Underworld | Book 2 by _lovepenny
Saving the King of the Underworld...by _lovepenny
[COMPLETED] Emylin never thought she was special - she was perfectly happy living out her days finishing college and building her career. It was her best friend Damien t...
  • kingdom
  • newadult
  • underworld
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Mask by TASseDeTea
Maskby تَسْنِيْم
A special girl. A girl who hasn't seen her own face in ten years. The girl in the Mask. --- The sons of some of the most powerful beings: Son of Cupid Son of the...
  • death
  • wattys2018
  • school
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Dark Queen: The Cybelline Prophecies by dramatictealeaves
Dark Queen: The Cybelline Propheci...by dramatictealeaves
"Woman, It's either my bed or the floor." He said it like a royal decree and sat down on the narrow bed. With a small smirk, he patted his lap, "Come, and...
  • fairies
  • myths
  • fantasy
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Her Darkness, His Light by sscrowned
Her Darkness, His Lightby Stephanie Jane Sebastian
"Come here" he said motioning for me to step closer. This is it! God please help me! I knew that I had to obey his every word. It was just that my body decid...
  • witches
  • elves
  • fae
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Halfbreed by Rosy_Sw33t
Halfbreedby Veronica
It's years into the future and the super natural is no longer the super natural, it's now the normal, but that doesn't mean it's accepted. Elves, Shapeshifters, Fae and...
  • journey
  • fantasy
  • werewolf
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Red by CandySnow
Redby a
He owned her soul, and on her 18th birthday, he was finally coming for her. The Dark Lord of the Underworld is on the prowl, and he will stop at nothing to claim what is...
  • supernatural
  • mature
  • lovestory
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The Goblin's Crown by AllieSalone
The Goblin's Crownby Allie
The Goblin's Trilogy #1 After being raised by her three criminal brothers, Matilda is used to stealing what she wants. However, when she picks the wrong person's pocket...
  • queen
  • fairy
  • elizabethan
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Faetality |✓| by letmelivetonight
Faetality |✓|by ⚔Jada⚔
❝You and me, darlin'--we're gonna have a whale of a time...❞ Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, Tamsyn James has her first encounter with the Fae - a deadly group of...
  • faeries
  • trailblazers
  • romance
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Captive: Hopeless (First Draft) by csdreamer
Captive: Hopeless (First Draft)by CSDreamer
It was cold in the bowels of the earth. Carved from the raw rock, the dungeons were damp and the chill filtered into Daniella's flesh until it reached the bone. After a...
  • wattys2016
  • dark
  • fiction
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The Dark Prince. (Book 1) by LaDameBlanche
The Dark Prince. (Book 1)by Emma Leech
The man of your dreams is coming ... or is it your nightmares he visits? Laen is Prince of the Dark fae, with a temper and reputation to match his black eyes, and a hear...
  • desire
  • seelie
  • unseelie
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Wystwood by kaonnette
Wystwoodby Holly A. Forden
Gaze into a wishing well, one sleepy spring evening, with Adalyn Kavanagh and fall into a world where faeries dwell and adventure awaits. Fantasy // A...
  • magic
  • wattys2017
  • fairy
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The Grimm Cases | Origins & Ghost by ladyshiny
The Grimm Cases | Origins & Ghostby Lyla Oweds
Bianca Brosnan, a shy but sensible university freshman, has frequently had unexpected run-ins with otherworldly beings. However, when it happens again while she is house...
  • demons
  • mystery
  • magic
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Wolfborn (A winner: Iron Lace Awards) Third edit. by csdreamer
Wolfborn (A winner: Iron Lace Awar...by CSDreamer
Devon Creed is forced to watch her friends die. Innocent lives wasted by greed and the hunger for power. Tortured, bound, helpless and consumed by guilt, anger, and hatr...
  • paranormal
  • mages
  • blood
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Fairy by AlisterBlack
Fairyby Alister Cornielous Black
Derek is your average teenager failing asleep in class not doing his homework except that he is Fae or as Humans call it fairy he is walking to the store in town with hi...
  • abduction
  • rivals
  • separation
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Land of Smoke and Ashes by ELatimer
Land of Smoke and Ashesby Erin Latimer
When seventeen-year-old Natalie Porter finds a treasure chest belonging to her dead mother hidden away in the attic, she follows the clues inside and discovers her mothe...
  • brookland
  • romance
  • magic
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The Alpha's Little Fawn by a_sarcastic_bookworm
The Alpha's Little Fawnby a_sarcastic_bookworm
Elena has known the evil in the world. She's been hunted by a family friend since she was a young girl. But after her mother was murdered by him, she has to take drastic...
  • betrayal
  • alphaking
  • loyalty
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